Shingle Magic vs. Roof Replacement: Which One Do I need?

We recently rolled out a new product, Shingle Magic. A roof sealant with the latest ceramic technology to revitalize your roof.

A common question we get asked is, “Which one do I need? A full roof replacement or Shingle Magic?”. Your roof’s condition determines what services we recommend. But, looking into both is always a good idea.

Consider Shingle Magic if:

  • Your roof has minimal wear and tear
  • The coloring of your roof has faded
  • You want to improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • You want extra protection from hail and other Kansas weather elements
  • You want to improve the look of your roof

This product is designed to help protect asphalt shingles from the damaging effects of UV radiation, wind, and other environmental factors. It is applied in a thick coating to the shingles surface and helps keep them looking new for longer.

Shingle Magic can extend the life of your roof by 30 years. Have that safety net to lean back on, knowing your roof is protected from future weather damage or other major issues.

Reasons to get a roof replacement:

  • If you have extreme mold or mildew
  • If your roof has major storm damage
  • If your attic has substantial water damage
  • If your roof drainage system is not working properly

Your roof is an essential part of your home that keeps you safe from the elements, keeps your home insulated and ensures its longevity. Replacing a damaged or aged roof can also help improve its energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Additionally, replacing your roof can help improve the value of your home, potentially increasing its market value.

How Much Would a New Roof Cost?

As with many home improvement projects, the price will vary greatly depending on the size of the job and the type of materials used. The best way to answer this question is to contact us for a consultation. Our team will evaluate your homes’ needs, review roofing options, and offer solutions to fit your budget. We also offer financing options with payments starting at $98/month.

Choose All States Home Improvement for All Your Roof Upgrades

We are the leading local experts assessing storm damage and outdated, worn roofs. Kansas homeowners who contact All States Home Improvement have peace of mind knowing that our Factory Trained Roofing Inspectors will do a thorough and complete job, alleviating the stress associated with the roof replacement process. Contact us today for a free roofing consultation at (316) 444-1220.


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A New Exclusive Product | Shingle Magic Sealer Only at All States

We are ecstatic to announce a new exclusive product line here at All States Home Improvement.

Shingle Magic Sealer

Revitalize your roof to better than new with All States Home Improvement’s exclusive Shingle Magic roof sealant. We have invested in the latest ceramic technology to extend the life of your roof up to 30 years by creating stronger, hail, wind, fire & water-resistant shingles.

Shingle Magic is the only proven product of its kind in the region and is offered ONLY by All States Home Improvement.

Find out if Shingle Magic is a solution for your home, saving you from a costly roof replacement.

To learn more about our windowssiding, and roofing, call us at (316) 444-1220. Fill out our convenient “request an estimate” form or stop by our local showroom to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

4 Attainable Home Improvement Goals for Your Roof for The New Year

Start 2023 off right by making your home a priority. Investing in your home and setting goals for your home life is a great way to boost your mood, energy, and create a sense of balance in everyday life. You spend so much time in your home you might as well make it a space that you love and feel warm and safe in.

Whether you set goals for your home, health, or career, make sure your goals are achievable and that you have a plan on how you’ll reach them. Spend the beginning of this year planning and checking off these roof home improvement goals you’ve maybe been procrastinating on.

Here’s our list of easy home improvement goals for your roof for the new year:

1. Check roof for any leaks or loose shingles

Your roof goes through a lot of wear and tear throughout the years so when you aren’t staying on top of the maintenance, leaks or damaged shingles are bound to occur. Take a walk around the outside of your house and see if you notice any buckled or curled shingles. Leaks will cause moisture running down the sides of your house or on your ceiling. If you have an attic, go up and investigate the area for any water damage.

Want more new year’s resolution inspiration? Read this blog post for more.

2. Assess roof after winter storm

A good rule of thumb to follow in 2023, especially during the winter season, is to assess your roof right after a big winter storm. Inclement weather can really take a toll on your roof, especially if it’s old or lower quality. Try to make it a habit when every time there is a storm, snow, rain, hail, to check for any damage to your roof. Look for granules in your gutter – this could be a sign of loose shingles or problem areas on your roof.

3. Get a roof inspection

When owning a home in Kansas you are no stranger to harsh weather that wreak havoc on your roof. But climbing up on your roof yourself can be extremely dangerous if you are not experienced. Go the extra mile on seeing how your roof is holding up by scheduling a professional roof inspection. During our free roof inspection, we will assess any damage by looking for cracks around the chimney, leaks under shingles, and other signs of troubling issues.

To the untrained eye your roof may look fine at first. But our team of skilled roofers will check your roof in detail and provide a full written report of our findings.

If you aren’t sure is your need a roof replacement read about the 4 why’s for a new roof.

4. Prepare for a roof replacement

Rather than waiting for major issues to arise, committing to this type of renovation will give you time to budget and plan for the project. Our consultants will walk you through the process and answer all your questions and determine the best course of action to fit your budget.

Consider All States Home Improvement as your local affordable roofer

We are one of the highest rated Wichita roofing companies with over 350 + Google reviews. We are experts in our field and have Factory Trained Roofing Inspectors that do a thorough and complete roof replacement job.

To learn more about our windowssidingbathroom and roofing services, call us at (316) 444-1220 in Wichita. View our special pricing and fill out the convenient request estimate form, or stop by our local showroom to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.



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