3 Great Benefits of Getting Gutter Cap

Your gutters keep rainwater away from other parts of your home. These protect your siding, foundations, and even your landscaping. To function properly, your gutters need to be open. This leaves the system vulnerable to falling leaves and debris that can lead to clogging.

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All States Home Improvement looks at Gutter Cap and the three reasons these can benefit your gutters.

1. Gutter Cap does away with costly maintenance, permanently.
This innovation fits over and completely covers your gutters in Wichita, KS. It is made of a corrosion-resistant metal alloy that creates a protective shell over the gutter. The only opening is a small slit beneath the slightly protruding tip near the roof’s edge. Leaves and other debris get easily pushed off, while water adheres to the surface of Gutter Cap. This means you never need to clean out your gutters ever again as only water can enter.

2. Gutter Cap extends the life of your gutter.
The coverage of Gutter Cap extends beyond the gutter itself to cover the point where the gutter connects to the roof. Without it, the wooden fascia that holds your gutters up risks becoming filled with water. This could cause sections of it to deteriorate and even rot. This creates the possibility that your gutter might fall off given time. Gutter Cap not only keeps water from your supporting fascia, as it also reinforces its attachment.

3. Gutter Cap enhances the look of your home.
Using a Kynar paint finish, Gutter Cap is designed to retain the metallic look for a lifetime. Its flush nose design provides a smooth and streamlined look to your gutter system.

Gutter Cap comes in a range of colors that match popular roofing materials on the market today. Apart from that, All States Home Improvement offers roofing, doors, windows, siding, and gutter installation in Wichita,KS, among other common home improvement services. We even carry wood and composite decks for those looking to get a little more out of their home.

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