Top Trends in Bathroom Renovations: What Wichita Homeowners Should Know

Enhancing your Wichita, Kansas, home with a bathroom renovation is a practical investment and an opportunity to embrace the latest trends in design. Let’s explore the top trends shaping modern bathroom renovations, ensuring your space is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Geometric Patterns and Modern Layouts

Bathroom renovations are experiencing a shift towards geometric patterns and modern layouts. Homeowners are moving away from traditional designs, opting for patterns like chevron, basketweave, and herringbone layouts. These geometric arrangements add visual interest and create a contemporary atmosphere that complements the evolving style preferences.

Relaxing Spa-Like Amenities

Homeowners are increasingly prioritizing health and wellness in their bathroom remodel projects. The inclusion of spa-like amenities such as steam showers has become a prominent trend. Beyond their indulgent appeal, steam showers contribute to allergy relief, lower blood pressure, and improved sleep.

Wet Rooms for Luxurious Soaking

Homeowners are leaning into the concept of wet rooms, a luxurious approach to bath time. Unlike traditional tub showers, incorporating a bathtub directly into the shower space captures steam and heat, providing an indulgent bathing experience. Consider this innovative trend to elevate your bathroom.

Playful Wallpaper for a Unique Touch

Transform your Wichita, KS, bathroom into a personalized haven by incorporating playful wallpaper. With a plethora of options available, from small classic prints to exotic toiles and florals, you can showcase your personality and add a unique touch to the space. Let your bathroom be a canvas for self-expression.

Stylish Peachy Tones

The peachy color trend is making waves in bathrooms. In well-lit spaces, peach hues bring vibrancy and energy, seamlessly transitioning into calm and relaxing tones in dimmer settings. Consider incorporating peachy tones for a timeless and versatile bathroom aesthetic.

Stacked Subway Tiles for a Modern Twist

Give a classic touch to your bathroom by opting for stacked subway tiles. Departing from the traditional brick lay, stacking tiles vertically or horizontally adds a modern spin to this timeless design. Consider hand-molded tiles for an artisan flair, bringing a unique touch to your bathroom walls.

Separate Sinks for Personalized Spaces

Maximize personal space in your bathroom by ditching the long double vanity. Homeowners are opting for separate sinks, creating a more personalized experience. Picture a bathtub positioned between two sinks or a unique rack for an interesting and functional bathroom installation.

Textured Tiles for Visual Appeal

Elevate the ambiance of your Wichita, KS, bathroom with the allure of textured tiles. Also known as tactile or 3D tiles, this transformative addition enhances visual appeal, introducing layers, dimension, and a tactile experience for users. Explore the endless possibilities of textured tiles for a modern and sophisticated bathroom design.

Renovate Your Bathroom With a Bathroom Contractor

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