Common Issues That Affect the Life Span of Your Siding

Every home needs quality protection—much like what siding can give. Some people tend to underestimate the benefits of a siding system, but did you know that it’s one of your home’s first lines of defense against harsh elements? Not only that, a good siding product can also improve your home performance and energy efficiency.

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However, a siding system is bound to deteriorate over time. As one of your trusted siding contractors in Wichita, KS, All States Home Improvement would like to help keep your structure in shape. First, we need to identify the common factors that affect the life span of your siding. Here are a few:

Old Age

One of the most common culprits for siding failure is old age. Sure, you could have picked the best siding product available in the market. Still, no amount of maintenance can save it from eventually breaking down. A siding system normally has a 20-year life span. However, some materials can last for up to 50 years. If your siding has reached its maximum service life, don’t hesitate to install a new one. This will save you from worsening issues and inconvenience.

Strong Winds

Another factor that affects the condition of your siding is strong winds, or harsh climate in general. In Kansas, there are three distinct climates, namely, humid subtropical, humid continental, and semi-arid steppe. These kinds of climes will likely put your siding in jeopardy. Chinook winds or even straight-line winds can greatly damage your siding. To avoid this, you need to be keen on proper maintenance and cleaning. This will help keep your siding in tip-top condition for a longer period.

Flying Debris

Strong winds bring about all kinds of debris—big and small. Severe thunderstorms in Kansas also drop large hail and cause flash floods, and you know what happens when siding structures are exposed to these conditions. The good news is, there is something you can do as a homeowner, one of which is choosing the most suitable product for your home. Our James Hardie® siding products are especially designed for extreme climates. We are confident that your home stays protected in the midst of harsh weather with the siding we provide and install.

We install vinyl siding and fiber cement James Hardie siding in Wichita. If you are not sure which material to use, our siding specialists and design consultants will be happy to work with you. We offer easy-to-maintain, durable, and stunning siding materials. Our goal is to make every home beautiful by installing one great siding product at a time.

Enjoy the benefits of our siding products today. Give us a call at (316) 444-1220 and we will be ready to assist you.