GutterCap: Keeping Your Gutters Clog-Free

A clogged gutter can cause a lot of trouble. Debris, leaves, and other gutter blockages prevent water from draining properly, it can result in damaging leaks. These leaks may destroy your home’s roofing and foundation if not addressed immediately. You may not see the problem instantly, but your gutter and roofing could no longer provide support to the structure of your home. Given this, it’s important to keep your gutters unclogged with the help of All States Home Improvement.

Gutter Cap

We offer a GutterCap Protection System that ensures regular flowing of water without a lot of maintenance. This is perfect for homeowners who need to maintain their gutters in Wichita, KS, but don’t have the time to do so.

How It Works

GutterCap is designed to turn your gutters into a free-flowing drainage system. Using water surface tension, rainwater is meant to be within the cap’s dome while leaves and debris go to the edge. The wind is expected to remove debris and leaves while rain cleans the area completely. With this system, your gutters will work better, allowing you to prevent clogs and save time, money, and energy on clean-up and maintenance.

What It’s Made of

Gutter Cap in Wichita, Kansas uses only high-quality materials, such as roofing granules. These granules help in integrating the system into the overall design of your roof. That way, the gutter system won’t look out of place. Instead, it would appear as a part of your roofing. GutterCap also comes in different colors so you can choose the one that best matches your home. In addition, we don’t use vinyl for our Gutter Cap Protection System, as the material is prone to clogs, cracks, and warps.

All States Home Improvement has a team of professionals trained in gutter installation in Kansas, so rest assured that we know how to take care of your home. In fact, we provide a 2-year warranty for our GutterCap system for your peace of mind.

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