How to Tell High- and Low-Quality Vinyl Windows Apart

Vinyl is today’s most popular material for windows. It offers a perfect balance among durability, beauty, efficiency, and affordability. With its minimal maintenance requirements, it promises low life-cycle costs to help you save more money for years to come. Keep in mind, however, that vinyl-made window products are not created equal. Depending on how they’re manufactured, some are of higher quality than others. How can you find the finest vinyl windows in Wichita, KS  on the market? All States Home Improvement recommends the following tips:

 Vinyl Windows Apart

Read the NFRC Label

Heat resistance is a characteristic all high-quality windows have in common. No matter how efficient the product’s glazing may be, it may lose its great insulating value when paired with high-conductance framing.

The best way to find out whether a particular window is perfect for your local climate is by checking its energy ratings. Any product that bears the National Fenestration Rating Council label is a reliable choice for improving your home’s efficiency.

At All States Home Improvement, all of our replacement windows in Wichita, KS  carry the NFRC label of approval. With the exceptional heat flow resistance of our products, expect to lower your utility bills all year round for a long period.

Size Up Toughness

Inferior vinyl products are subject to fast wear and tear. Their chances of falling due to strong winds are higher, causing them to deteriorate sooner than expected. Although everything looks robust initially, there are two ways to tell whether particular vinyl windows are durable.

First is a certification from American National Standards Institute, Inc. or the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Considered the gold standard in the industry, these organizations recognize products that can stand the test of time.

The second is a powerful warranty. Deep coverage may speak of windows’ resilience. If you buy products with a comprehensive warranty, you can protect your pocket against costs associated with premature failures. As the partner of many trusted vinyl window manufacturers, including Wincore® and Soft-Lite, we can add more value for your money with their strong warranties.

Check the Compound

Vulnerability to UV rays is one of the main downsides of low-quality vinyl windows. Without using an excellent method to preserve rich exterior color, they’d easily fade upon long-term exposure to the sun. Our windows in Wichita, KS, never need painting throughout their life span. They can retain their stunning finish to increase your home’s curb appeal for years. With just basic cleaning, expect our vinyl windows to look as beautiful for many years as when they’re installed.

All States Home Improvement offers you a broad selection of high-quality vinyl windows. We can even help you spruce up your outdoor decks for a more beautiful and functional home. Call us today at (316) 444-1220 to learn how we can help with your home improvement projects. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.