Many Ways Windows Make Your Rooms More Spacious

Making your interior spacious is one of the less appreciated benefits of window replacement. Literally and figuratively, modern units can make your rooms larger in many ways.

Interior Spacious

Here’s how replacement windows deliver maximum spaciousness:

Expanding Floor Area

Of all window styles, the bay is one of the few types that literally provide extra real estate. As a projection unit, it juts out from the exterior wall, which naturally increases the interior’s square footage.

The bay window is always a welcome addition to all rooms. It brings a sense of depth to bigger ones and keeps smaller ones from seeming cramped. As the trusted installer of Soft-Lite® and Wincore® vinyl windows, we can help you maximize the utility of bay units. Depending on your functional requirements, we can design your bay for extra seating, greater storage, and more.

Connecting with Outdoors Seamlessly

Losing your solid walls in favor of glass units introduces nature to your interior design. Oversized windows blur the line between your indoors and outdoors. The see-through effect of large glass units creates the illusion of additional space.

To pull off this design concept, we recommend picture windows. These fixed units frame the beauty of the outside world, giving the eye more views to explore rather than looking straight into blank walls.

Admitting More Light

Ushering in more sun is an effective way to open up your space. In color psychology, bright hues can make rooms look and feel larger than they really are. On the other hand, darkness creates an impression of tight space.

As far as daylighting is concerned, no architectural fixture can promote it better than energy-efficient windows. For instance, the standard glass of our Beechworth windows provides high visible light transmission. They let plenty of natural light through while blocking most solar heat to preserve your comfort.

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