Part 1: Giving Your Home the James Hardie Siding Treatment

HardiePlank: Keeping Your Home’s Flank Protected

Your home is supposed to provide you protection from outside elements, so it needs all the help it can get to make it able to stand up to whatever Mother Nature is going to throw at it. While that may seem obvious to many homeowners, many of them still end up taking the wrong approach towards improving their home’s weather resistance and put too much attention on the roof. You have to understand that weather attacks from all directions, including the sides of your house.

To keep your home’s flanks protected, you need your home’s siding to be able to withstand not just rain and snow, but also other factors such as wind, constant wear and tear caused by changing weather, and even its resistance against harsh sunlight. You can’t just buy any kind of siding panel, tack it on the sides of your house and call it a day; you’d need something that will guarantee excellent weather protection, such as HardiePlank lap siding.

Lap siding in its own is a very effective design that it has been used for hundreds of years. The overlapping panels ensure that water flowing down one panel safely glides down the surface of next one below it, not through the gaps between them. Because water isn’t stuck, lap siding isn’t as likely to suffer from mold formation.

HardiePlank panels are made of fiber cement, which is basically cement and sand reinforced with cellulosic fibers for extra structural strength. HardiePlank is less likely to break or crack like concrete, and is virtually immune to moisture and termite damage. To top it all off, HardiePlank fiber cement is termite resistant.

By combining good design with a high performance material, HardiePlank siding has very few, if any, vulnerabilities. This means you don’t have to check it as often as other siding options for signs of damage. Low maintenance requirements means low long-term costs, making HardiePlank lap siding not just long lasting, but also cost effective compared to other alternatives.


Do you feel like looking for another siding option? Part 2 of this 3-part blog series, coming soon, will focus on HardieShingle, James Hardie’s answer to wood shingles.