Vinyl Siding: Engineered for Optimal Performance

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), commonly known as vinyl, consists of chlorine extracted from 57% common salt, and ethylene gathered from 43% of natural gas. Its manufacture only requires low amount of energy and water, with the latter only being used as a means of cooling the siding. Compared with other exterior cladding options, its installation produces minimal waste. Furthermore, it does not have any material that can endanger your health, making it safe to install.

Vinyl Siding

All States Home Improvement, one of the trusted siding contractors in Wichita, KS, offers quality vinyl siding that is engineered for optimal performance.


We offer vinyl siding that requires little to no upkeep to keep it in top shape. Unlike other options, it does not require painting or caulking during installation. You only need mild soap and water to clean it. In addition, it is not subject to rotting, cracking, and insect damage, making it a low-maintenance option.


Vinyl siding in Wichita is resistant to many chemicals, such as acid rain. Furthermore, it is resistant to moisture damage, reducing water accumulation and preventing it from penetrating your siding.

Additionally, it comes with weep holes at the edge of the panels to let water flow out of it. Our vinyl siding can also withstand strong winds, heat, and cold; it can retain its appearance despite sudden changes in temperature. With these, you can be sure your siding will keep your home protected for a long time.


Vinyl siding has the ability to reduce thermal bridging, which can cause discomfort in your home. This will lessen your reliance on your HVAC units, which can drive up your energy costs. Due to this insulating property, it qualifies as a building product that can meet the requirements of an ENERGY STAR®-qualified home.


Our vinyl siding offers a long service life, reducing the need for a premature replacement. This lessens installation debris that go to landfills, which can harm the environment, making it an eco-friendly product. Furthermore, it does not require much resource to manufacture.


Similar to our James Hardie® options, our vinyl siding can enhance your home’s exterior appeal. They are available in an array of colors and appearances that will complement your home’s architectural style. For instance, you can choose vinyl siding that looks like genuine wood or natural slate. These make them ideal for historic renovation projects.

You can count on All States Home Improvement to provide you with top class vinyl and James Hardie siding in Wichita. Call us today at (316) 444-1220 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.