Warning Signs It’s High Time for Home Remodeling

Your home is constantly exposed to the elements that can cause wear and tear over time. Minor and major damage to various components mean that you should schedule for home remodeling soon. To help you decide if you need to start planning, All States Home Improvement list down the signs to look out for.

Home Remodeling

Your Roof is Leaky

Roof leakage is actually the symptom, not the disease. It’s the product of structural problems to your roofing system, which manifest themselves in cosmetic imperfections. The most common issues are shingle-related; curling, buckling, cracking, and balding are serious causes for concern. Sagging is also a common issue. You need to call pros immediately the moment you see any of these signs.

At All States Home Improvement, we’ll perform a full, detailed assessment of your roof to provide you with a reliable diagnosis. Based on our inspection, we’ll advise the right type of home remodeling in Wichita, KS, and fix your roof in a financially sensible way.

Your Siding is Rotting

Rotting boards are your home’s way of telling you that your siding is due for replacement. Paint may cover or hide the damage, but it’s not going to restore the strength of the broken panels. If the solid layer underneath the surface has gone soft, installing new boards is necessary.

Our company specializes in vinyl and fiber cement siding systems. Our solutions are durable and low-maintenance, eliminating the need to repaint every few years. With minimal life-cycle costs for keeping your replacement in pristine condition, expect significant savings and no headaches for years to come.

Your Windows Are Drafty or Sweaty

Drafts and condensation are two window problems you can’t ignore. The former leaks out your indoor heat, while the latter causes the insulated glass unit to fail as a cold air barrier. These problems have quick fixes, but they’re not necessarily permanent remedies. A window replacement makes for a better long-term solution because of today’s advanced products. With our vinyl or fiberglass composite windows, your new units would be durable, energy-efficient, and nearly maintenance-free.

Entrust your home projects to the leader in home remodeling, All States Home Improvement. You can rely on us for quality roof, siding, and window replacement. We can also help you build outdoor recreational spaces.

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