3 Patio Door Styles to Consider for Your Kansas Home

Homeowners in Witchita,KS now have more options for patio doors. With modern engineering, you can count on new units to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and value. Their improved durability will also provide more security and protection against the elements. As your trusted provider of high-quality doors in Wichita, KS, All States Home Improvement is proud to offer the top patio door styles from the leading manufacturer – Soft-Lite®

Patio Door Styles

Sliding Patio Doors

These doors offer smooth and convenient operation, as you only have to slide the panes on tracks to open or close them. Normally, one side of the door is stationary while the other glides for passage. All States Home Improvement; however, you can enjoy two, three, or even four operable panels for your sliding door. Just talk to our expert team about your ideal design and we will find it for you.

Swinging Patio Doors

This type of patio door either swings outward or inward on hinges, but may only have a single operable panel. Our swinging patio doors in Wichita, KS, come in a wide array of designs that can go well with both traditional and modern architectural styles.

French Patio Doors

We offer a range of French doors that feature at least two active panels, hinged at the exterior for easier operation. Their classic European appeal can add flair to any home. Their tall glass panels also offer a great view of the outdoors.

All of our patio doors offer lasting beauty and protection from the toughest elements. You can also count on our expert door installation in Wichita, KS  to ensure their maximum performance. In addition to the stunning design statement you can create using these doors, you can also enjoy greater energy savings from their efficiency.

With the environmental challenges we face every day in the region, it is important to get a durable home addition that doesn’t compromise style. You can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and comfort today with elegant and functional patio doors from All States Home Improvement. To get started on your replacement project, call us at (316) 444-1220.