3 Tips for Designing Small, Functional Decks for Any Home

Outdoor living spaces lets you enjoy the picturesque setting of Wichita, Kansas. If you have a small yard, however, you might think this is a farfetched dream. Yet it’s very possible to have a beautiful and fully functional deck even when you have limited space.

All States Home Improvement shares some tips in this entry.

1. Evaluate your lifestyle needs.
Just like picking the right doors or windows in Wichita, KS, the first step for any home improvement project is to carefully evaluate your needs. Will you use the deck frequently for entertaining guests? Is it primarily for your personal relaxation? These questions can help you determine factors like seating capacity and design.

2. Establish proper scale and connection.
Due to the small area, your deck should be seamlessly connected to your home. It should also be proportioned to your yard. If you have a kitchen that leads to a side yard, for instance, that outdoor area can be a natural place for your deck. Meanwhile, a walk-out deck might be the right choice for other homes. This way, your deck doesn’t overwhelm other elements of your living space. Professionals like All States Home Improvement can help ensure that the style, size, and shape of your deck are in harmony with the rest of your property.

3. Go for a practical design.
For successful home improvement in Kansas, your deck should be attractive yet fully functional. For instance, deck designers from All States Home Improvement can craft built-in storage, seating, and lighting for an efficient outdoor living space. We also offer quality composite decking that requires virtually no maintenance. Finally, you can choose from many rich colors for great visual appeal.

With All States Home Improvement, you can now have an amazing outdoor oasis no matter how small your space may be. Call us today at (316) 444-1200 in Wichita to turn your deck dreams into reality!