A Great Time to Get GAF

Today’s consumer home product market is filled with brands vying for your attention, all touting their own unique marketing angles. The question is, which one can you trust? Recently, GAF was once again voted number 1 in quality ratings, along with being named “Brand Used the Most.” All States Home Improvement is proud to carry a range of products from GAF, as we aim to provide quality products and services to homeowners.


What the Award Is

Based off the numbers culled from the inventories of many roofing contractors in Wichita and other areas, the 2015 BUILDER Brand Use Study focuses on the market sentiment with regard to what makes a product/brand prominent. It also takes into account what drives people to favor a product/brand. This means that GAF has consistently proven to be trusted by homeowners who are looking for great roofing systems and products.

What the Award Means

At All States Home Improvement, we offer a range of services that are meant to keep your roof in the best shape. From comprehensive and careful repairs to full replacement work, you can count on us for all your home improvement needs. More importantly, you can expect us to provide the best work because GAF’s range of products ensure better performance, superior durability, and advanced technology. In fact, all laminated roofing shingles feature the proprietary Advanced Protection Technology.

Make sure to hire a trusted roofing company in Wichita, KS. All States Home Improvement is equipped to deal with any problems with your roofing may encounter—and much more. We also do doors, windows, gutters, and even siding, so contact us today at (316) 444-1220. We have a full range of GAF’s best roofing systems and so much more. We’ll also be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation consultation.