All States Home Improvement: Signs of Clogged Gutters

The gutters are an essential component of our home’s protection system against the rain. They work hand in hand with the roof in keeping you, your family, and your valuables dry during rainy seasons. They also help in protecting your landscape, exterior walls, siding, and other parts of your home from water damage by channeling the rainwater coming from your roof away from your house.

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Because of its importance, we at All States Home Improvement, the top experts on gutters in Wichita, KS and the surrounding areas, recommend cleaning your gutters regularly—at least twice a year or whenever it’s necessary—to make sure that there is no debris buildup in your gutters. However, if you are unsure when to clean your gutters, here’s a list of things that indicate clogged gutters:

  1. Some parts of the gutters are sagging. This is a clear indication that the gutters are either full of water or it’s full of debris; the gutters begin to slump because they can no longer hold the weight of what’s trapped inside.
  1. There are visible water stains just underneath the gutters. This just means that water isn’t able to flow freely inside the gutters, causing it to spill over the sides.
  1. There are mold and water stains inside your home. We all know that mold thrives in wet and cool places. If you see mold inside your home, this could be the result of failing gutters.
  1. Puddles on your landscape, on the foundation, and in the basement. If you see water pooling all over your home exterior, it must be that the gutters aren’t their job efficiently. Clogging or other undetected issues could cause this problem.

If you see any of these clear signs of clogged gutters, you will need to get your gutters inspected (and repaired, if necessary) professionally at least twice a year. This is to ensure that your gutters are in good condition for it to be able to do its job of protecting your household effectively. And if you want to be sure that your gutters are going to stay clog-free for a long time, you can invest in Gutter Cap, a gutter protection system offered by All States Home Improvement.

Read more about this amazing product by clicking here, or you can give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. You can also rely on us if you need new gutter installation in Wichita,KS as well in the surrounding areas. Call now!