All States Home Improvement: Why Roof Pitch Matters

When it comes to your roof, there are a lot of factors to consider. There’s the material you have to choose, which should work well in the climate zone you’re living in. Of course, you will also have to pick a color that will make your home more beautiful. And last, but not least, you will also have to determine your roof pitch. All States Home Improvement, one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Wichita,KS, discusses roof pitches below.

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What Is Roof Pitch and Why Is It Important?

The roof pitch is the angle of the slope of your roof. It’s one of the most important aspects of the roof, as it helps in determining the right roofing system to install on your home—including the roofing materials to be used to ensure long-term performance, walkability (if it’s safe to be walked on during repairs and replacements), and aesthetic.

Low-Sloped Roofs

If your roof rises only three feet for every horizontal foot, your roof is definitely low-sloped. Many business establishments have flat or low-sloped roofs and use single-ply roofing made with thermoplastic or rubber. This helps in protecting the structure from the elements while making the structure energy-efficient. Though low-sloped roofs are typically seen in commercial structures, low-sloped roofs are becoming a popular choice for residential use, especially for those houses with contemporary designs.

Medium-Pitched Roofs

This is probably the most common pitch used for residential roofs. You will see this pitch in most parts of the country, as it can handle pretty much any weather condition. These roofs use asphalt shingles or composite shingles.

High-Pitched Roofs

This type of roofing pitch is typically seen in classically designed houses. Steep roofs can handle both wood shakes and slate shingles, though composite and asphalt shingles can also be an option if you want your roof to last longer.

From roofing replacement or roofing repair in Wichita,KS, you will surely need a roofing company that could handle whatever your roofing pitch is. For any of your roofing needs, you can always rely on one of the most trusted and the surrounding areas, All States Home Improvement. Know more about us by browsing through this site or by giving us a call today.