Common Roofing Blunders and the Ways to Avoid Them

When you install a new roof, you are making an investment. A roofing system made from top-grade materials and installed with great care can protect your family for years. It will also pay off if you decide to sell your home. To make sure you get the most bang for your buck, we list the common roofing mistakes, along with the ways to avoid them.


#1 Mismatched/ Incorrectly Installed Shingles

If you try to save on cost by purchasing shingles from different contractors, your new roof will look hideous because of the mismatched colors. Avoid this by buying the entire set of shingles from one dealer. In addition, don’t compromise the integrity of your roofing in Wichita by installing new shingles over the old ones.

#2 Incorrectly Installed Flashing

Installing metal flashing in the valleys and around the chimney helps prevent leaks and shingle erosion. Make sure the length is sufficient; otherwise, it defeats the purpose of installing flashing.

#3 Poor Attic Ventilation
Studies say that compared with a ventilated attic, an unventilated one tends to be 20-45% hotter. Moreover, the excess heat and trapped moisture provides room for microbes to grow. Making sure your attic is ventilated adequately will not only spare you from mold damage; you also avoid high heating and cooling bills. In addition, a well-ventilated attic also prolongs the lifespan of your shingles, as it prevents heat blisters.

#4 Wrong Contractor

Choosing the wrong contractor will only lead to huge expenses in the future. Take your time in choosing the right company to install your roofing in Wichita. Find a local contractor that has considerable experience in working on any type of roof, such as All States Home Improvement. We ensure a high level of skill and professionalism, so you’ll surely get a roofing system that will last a lifetime.

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