Common Sources of Roof Leaks and Dealing with Them

Leaky roofs present a number of challenges to homeowners. For one, the origin of leaks is difficult to find. Secondly, if you fail to spot leaks early on, they can result in multiple structural and interior issues over time. The kind of hassle and damage roof leaks cause is very extensive and not to mention costly.

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That’s why it helps to consult an expert when it comes to your roofing in Wichita, KS, like All States Home Improvement. We are the go-to company in the Kansas area when it comes to roof repairs and replacements. Our teams are especially trained to identify roof leaks even before they progress.

Common Sources of Leaking

One common roofing component we check for leaks is the flashing. Flashing are thin metal pieces that are attached under the roofs shingles and joints. What happens as time passes by is that they become susceptible to corrosion. Other times, elements such as rain and wind cause flashing to crack. Another source of roof leaks is broken shingles. Broken shingles are easy to spot. In fact, if you have broken shingles at home, you can actually see them when you look at your roof using a pair of binoculars. Inclement weather is also the main culprit for this problem.

Other usual areas that are prone to leaking include valleys and vents. Valleys crack due to excess rain or ice during colder conditions. Similar to your roof’s flashing, valleys erode in the long run. Roof vents are responsible for expelling excess moisture from your house, and as your roof ages, they become vulnerable to breaking and decaying. Clogged gutters also cause roof leaks. Once your gutters no longer function properly, water can easily pool in one area and seep through cracks.

Dealing with Roof Leaks

The best way to go about roof leaks is by asking for professional help. You need someone who is knowledgeable and skillful to provide a custom solution for your home. All States Home Improvement does exactly that. We offer replacements and repairs, but not without making a full assessment first. Our detailed evaluation is meant to detect all kinds of problems in your roofing. Should your roof be found positive of leaking, we will immediately present your available solutions.

Repairs are designed to extend the life span of your roofing. However, there are cases when replacement is the better option. All States Home Improvement installs a range of roof products: we have Owens Corning’s asphalt shingles, DaVinci’s polymer shingles, and impact-resistant shingles. These products are not just durable, but equally beautiful as well. To get started, schedule our FREE estimate for your roofing in Wichita, KS.

We’ll work with you hand in hand to resolve your roof leaks, as well as other related issues. Call us at (316) 444-1220 today to learn more about our services.