Everything You Need to Know about Our Doors

Your doors protect your interior from inclement weather, guard your entryways, and act as an important element of your home’s design. The right door creates clear aesthetic connections between spaces, making transitions seem natural and ensuring harmony with your home’s overall design.


All States Home Improvement provides high quality entry doors, storm doors, and patio. Here’s a closer look at each type we offer:

Entry Doors

We provide custom manufactured entry doors from ProVia. These entry doors in Wichita, KS, are unmatched in their beauty and customizability. You can choose from broad range of colors, styles, finishes, decorative glass, and hardware options. This, combined with the fact that the door is custom built for your home, makes these entry doors unique. In addition, ProVia manufactures their doors from durable fiberglass and steel, two of the toughest materials around.

Patio Doors

We also provide several patio door options for your home. You can choose from different door materials, including, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and steel. You can also choose from various designs like French doors, swing-in and swing-out doors, and sliding doors. This means you can easily choose the one that best matches your home’s appearance. If you need more advice, we can analyze your home and recommend the patio door combination for your home.

Storm Doors

A storm door can protect your door from harsh weather and increase your home’s energy efficiency. We install impact-resistant storm doors in Wichita, KS, and the surrounding areas that will protect your home from the harshest weather conditions. Available in a range of colors, these doors feature an advanced vinyl frame.

These can also provide better insulation. A storm door can trap a layer of air between a regular door and itself. This can act as a thermal barrier, keeping energy locked in. Since your interior temperature is more stable, your utilities will consume less energy and lead to increased energy bill savings.

Our doors will make your home a more pleasant place. All States Home Improvement can handle practically any kind of exterior home improvement. We’re the expert in doors, decks, windows, roofs, and gutters and we have been in the industry since 1992. Our wealth of knowledge and comprehensive experience ensures that you’ll experience the best door installation possible. Give us a call to learn more about our doors or to get a free estimate.