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Failing Windows: Signs, Causes, and Solutions

Over time, your windows will become prone to wear and tear. Fortunately, there are certain signs that will tell you that you need to immediately repair or even replace your windows. When you notice these signs, it’s best that you seek the assistance of experts in windows in Wichita, KS immediately to avoid inconveniences and bigger repair expenses in the future.

How to Detect Failing Windows

A failed window seal is one of the most common problems associated with residential windows. If the seal in your window has been damaged, you will notice that there’s fog or condensation forming between two panes of glass in your window. This may come and go depending on the temperature outside your house. If not addressed immediately, the problem could get worse, resulting in you having permanent condensation on your windows.

Another sign that you windows are failing is that you’ll see standing water between the glass panes. If you notice rust-colored flaking and specks of dirt or stains on your windows, it is very likely that there’s a degradation of the spacer.

Common Causes of Failing Windows

Below are some of the common reasons windows fail. While some of them may not prevented because of natural reasons, being familiar with them will help you understand why your windows may be in need of repairs or a replacement.

  • Too much direct sunlight especially on hot days can damage exposed sealant
  • The use of pressure washer when cleaning the windows
  • Strong winds that hit the windows, causing the glass to flex and weaken the seal
  • Structural movement caused by natural calamities (e.g. earthquakes)
  • Constant exposure of the sealant to water
  • Manufacturing errors

What to Do with Failing Windows

In every problem in your home, there would always be a solution. When it comes to failing windows, here are some tips on how you can fix them:

  • Check if your window seal is broken and identify the source of the leakage.
  • Keep leak holes clean and free from debris.
  • Install a valve to fix the window seal and eliminate condensation. This will help keep the inside of the windows dry.
  • Consider getting a vinyl replacement for your old windows.

If you need to replace your windows, we at All States Home Improvement are more than happy to help. All States Home Improvement is the leading source of vinyl windows in Wichita. Before replacing your windows, we will conduct a thorough assessment so we can identify the most appropriate solution to your problem. Call us at (316) 444-1220.