Find Out What Your Windows are Trying to Tell You

Although your windows can’t talk, these still have plenty to say. All States Home Improvement talks about common signals from your window and explains what they mean. By looking out for these signs, you’ll learn about the current state of your windows, and determine if it’s time to replace them.

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Your Windows Are Drafty

Your windows are telling you that there are air leaks. Check the weatherstripping around your window sashes. If these are peeling off or have parts missing, replace them. If you still feel drafts, or the damage is too extensive, consider getting replacement windows in Wichita, KS. Our replacement windows are strong and leak-free. Moreover, we will fit these to your home’s exact dimensions, assuring you of a perfect fit. These will keep moisture and wind out while your home’s energy locked in.

Your Windows Are Hard to Operate

Your windows are telling you that debris has built up in the window track or that the windows’ moving parts need some work. Operable windows need maintenance for efficient operation. If you have sliders, make sure to clean the track regularly. Casements and double-hungs need regular lubrication, as well. If you need more information on how to take care of your windows, consult All States Home Improvement.

Your Windows Have Condensation Between The Panes

Your windows are telling you that its seals have already failed. Moisture is now present between your window panes and the insulating gas mixture of your windows is lost. When left alone, your windows can cause increased energy bills because these are no longer energy-efficient. Our replacement fiberglass and vinyl windows in Wichita can help.

These feature a low-emissivity glass coating together with insulating gas fills. This helps keep your interior cool in summer and warm in winter, reducing the load on your utility systems. This reduces its energy consumption, saving you money on energy bills.

Our replacement windows are durable, energy-efficient, beautiful, and low-maintenance. These will save you money on your utility bills, keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and protect you from of the harsh weather. All States Home Improvement has been replacing windows and working on decks, doors, roofs, and siding, since 1992. Our wealth of experience and factory training assure you of a fast and efficient window replacement. Give us a call to learn more about our windows or to get a free estimate.