Home Problems That Speak of Poor Energy Efficiency

Certain home problems usually point to poor energy efficiency. If you don’t identify and deal with them, you’d be paying more on your utilities than you should be.

Poor Energy Efficiency

In today’s post, All States Home Improvement shares the most common home problems that result in energy inefficiency. Pay attention to these red flags and tackle the necessary home improvement in Wichita,KS:

Ice Damming

Ice dams happen when the plane of your roof is warmer than the eaves. The snow melts flow all the way to the edges and refreezes due to the change in temperature. The hot air in the attic is the number culprit.

Ice damming has many quick fixes but only a few real cures; one of them is proper ventilation. Expelling the warm air in the attic space helps keep the underside of your roof cool. In turn, the snowmelt wouldn’t freeze when it reaches the eaves.

Our team can perform a thorough inspection and find out whether your attic ventilation is adequate. We can carry the necessary roof repair in Wichita, KS to prevent ice damming for good.

Leaky Doors

Exterior doors do allow air infiltration; however, the leakage shouldn’t be noticeable. If you feel drafts when they’re closed, it only means they’re not weathertight enough. Normally, caulking or changing the weather stripping would solve the issue, but rot might suffice to merit a replacement. Small signs of decay might not look serious, but the deterioration might have spread to obscure areas.

At All States Home Improvement, you can count on our proven door installation expertise to evaluate the severity of rot. We can detect every source of air and water leaks, which may damage your interior.

Window Condensation

Condensation on the outer glass surfaces is normal and may even speak of excellent efficiency. However, the case is different when your double-paned window sweats on the inner sides of the glass.

The usual suspects are seal and spacer failures, paving the way for moisture infiltration. Apart from affecting your window’s energy performance, water vapor intrusion forms fog and affects visibility. Interior condensation is a telling sign that you have to replace your windows in Wichita, KS. If you don’t, your compromised insulated glass units could no longer protect your home against cold air.

Let All States Home Improvement help you put a permanent fix on all of your energy-wasting home problems. Fill out our form and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.