Make Your Gutters Winter-Ready with Gutter Cap

Are your gutters prepared for winter? Your gutters are an essential part of your home’s water management system and the coming season poses a unique challenge. If you have clogged gutters, ice dams can be a problem.

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All States Home Improvement details what ice dams are, how important clean gutters are, and how we can help.

What are Ice Dams?

Ice dams are a ridge of ice that forms on your roof’s edge because of inadequate attic insulation. This causes heat from the attic to escape and melt snow in the upper portion of the roof. The snow then flows down to the cold gutters, where these freeze into an ice dam. The process continues until the ice dam blocks the flowing water and causes it to seep into the shingles. This can cause roof leaks, increased mold growth, and rot.

Clogged gutters increase the risk of ice dam formation because these cause the melted snow to pool. This gives the melted snow a chance to refreeze again. That’s why it’s crucial that you keep your gutters in Wichita, clear from debris. While cleaning your gutters regularly will do the trick, there’s a better solution.

How Can We Help?

We offer Gutter Cap, a gutter protection system that we can install over your existing gutters. It prevents dirt, leaves, and debris from entering; since only water gets in, there’s little chance of developing a clogged gutter. Gutter Cap reduces your gutter’s maintenance requirements and saves you a significant amount of time and energy.

In addition, it comes in 13 different colors, allowing the system to blend in seamlessly with your existing roofline. Gutter Cap in Wichita, Kansas, can also work together with Heater Cap, which will warm your roof, gutter protection, downspouts, and your gutters. This prevents snowmelt from refreezing. This stops ice dam formation and protects your roofing system from costly water damage.

We have over 20 years of experience working with gutters, decks, doors, windows, roofs, and siding. This means we can handle virtually any kind of gutter problem and work with any kind of gutter system. We use only the highest quality products on the market today, and we make sure to earn certifications from each of them. You can expect perfect and on schedule gutter services when you work with us. Give us a call to learn more about our gutter services or to get a free estimate.