New Roof Installation: What to Expect

New Roof Installation: What to Expect

Your roof plays a vital role in your home’s protection and appearance. Inevitably, you’ll eventually have to replace your roof due to years of normal wear and tear or after a damaging Kansas storm. Whichever it may be, we’ve created this guide to help you understand the ins and outs of your upcoming roof installation. 

The Selection Process

A leaky roof leads to water damage and mold in your home, so finding a reliable roofing contractor is crucial. In the event of storm damage, look out for “storm chasers.” After a catastrophic weather event, such as a hailstorm, blizzard, ice storm, or high winds, a flood of “experts” from outside the area will appear to provide roof repairs. Be warned! Many of these “storm chasers” are unlicensed, inexperienced, and simply out to make a fast buck off the misfortune of others. Their inaccurate estimates can lead to disputes with your insurance company, and many skip town before the work is completed. 

When it comes time to replace or repair your roof, be sure to contact All States Home Improvement for a free estimate. Our consultants will walk you through the process, answer all your questions, and determine the best course of action to fit your budget. We offer a wide range of roofing styles, and two generations of Kansas homeowners have trusted us to build their roofs. 

Preparing for Installation

In the days leading up to your roof installation, there are a few simple things you can do to help the process go smoothly. Following these quick guidelines will make your roof installation a breeze!

  • Cut your grass short. As the installation team cleans up debris, short grass will make it easier to find smaller items, such as nails, at the end of installation. 
  • Trim trees that hang over your roof. Cleaning up your landscaping will make it easier for the installers so they won’t have to wrestle with branches to access every area of the roof.
  • Move furniture and accessories from the perimeter of your house. Our team will need access to your roof from multiple points along the border of your home. Therefore, moving anything that isn’t permanently attached or planted around your home will make things quicker on installation day. This includes potted plants, patio furniture, grills, and other landscaping ornaments or accessories.
  • Cover or remove items in your attic. Nails, debris, and dust could fall into your attic during installation, so protect your belongings with tarps or blankets.
  • Remove valuable objects from interior walls. During installation, banging on your roof will shake and rattle your walls. As a result, items that are not securely installed on your interior walls could fall and break. 
  • Plan ahead for noise and interruptions. If you work from home or have kids with regular napping schedules, beware that installation will be disrupting. You may want to plan to work from a coffee shop or send your kids to their grandparents’ house for the day! 

Installation Day

The first step in installing your new roof is removing your existing roofing materials. Removal entails debris falling from your roof for a few hours. Therefore, you should plan for a safe place for your outdoor pets on installation day. If they are afraid of loud noises, it might be worth sending them to doggy daycare on installation day.

Once your existing roofing has been removed, our installers will have a better look at any potential issues hiding under the surface. The team will perform a detailed inspection of your entire roof and go over any problems that arise. Plan to be available in person or by phone in case there are any points of concern they want to address with you before proceeding.

Most roof installations take one day. However, depending on the size and difficulty of your project, it could last up to 7 days. Contributing factors in installation length include inclement weather, unexpected issues like mold or water damage, or abnormally intricate roof designs. If it begins raining during installation, the team will be prepared with tarps to cover your roof to prevent leaks.

If your roof installation takes longer than a day, our team will organize the debris and tools from throughout the day and tarp off any areas of exposed roof. Before leaving, they will check in with you about the progress made. We pride ourselves on our thorough communication during projects, so clients are always encouraged to ask questions throughout the process.

When installation is complete, our team will carefully clean up all debris and trash and haul it away. The lead installer will debrief you on the project and how it went, including any unforeseen areas of concern. If you have no additional questions, the team will bid you farewell to enjoy your new roof!

Choose All States Home Improvement for Your New Roof Installation

Should the roof of your home come into disrepair, we are the leading local experts in assessing storm damage and outdated, worn roofs. Kansas homeowners who contact All States Home Improvement have peace of mind knowing that our Factory Trained Roofing Inspectors will do a thorough and complete job, alleviating the stress associated with the roof replacement process. Contact us today for a free roofing consultation.

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