Our Tips on Creating an Exceptional Home Exterior

Enhancing the home’s curb appeal remains a top project for many homeowners. A well-designed architecture adds value to the home and increases its market of potential buyers. There are many ways to keep your exterior fresh and exciting. Your choice of color, material, and other details all contribute to the overall integrity of the design concept.

Home Exterior

For your next home remodeling project, you will need to choose the right palette and product combinations. All States Home Improvement shares these four tips to help you identify and build your home’s personality:

1. Reflect on Your Home’s Character and Locale – The first step in creating an interesting visual identity for your home is examining its particulars. Use its architectural theme and your locale as a guide when deciding on the colors and materials. If you are situated in a modern neighborhood, consider distinctive neutrals, such as gray-blues, crisp whites, tans, and khaki shades. Together with a clean profile siding and stone, they can create a contemporary ambiance.

2. Create a Harmony with the Colors and Materials – During this process of your home remodeling in Wichita, KS, it is ideal to draw inspiration from your environment. Study your city’s rich history, flora, fauna, and nature to create a strong statement. Harmonize with the backdrop and the neighboring landscapes. Derive your materials and color scheme from natural elements for a balanced look.

3. Play with Natural and Faux Décor – Varying material finishes lead to countless design possibilities. As the leader in home remodeling, we recommend exploring different types of materials and textures. Natural or faux stone and bricks can add volume to the exterior, creating an exciting focal point.

4. Use Streamlined Roof Profiles to Unify the Look – Your roofing can determine the unity of your overall concept. Choose matching roof profiles to maintain your home’s architectural integrity. At All States Home Improvement, we offer shingles from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our wide design selection can help you find the appropriate material to complete the look of your exterior.

Don’t lose sight of your concept to create harmony with all the elements in your exterior. If you need a reliable company to provide you with everything you need for this project, turn to All States Home Improvement. Call us today at (316) 444-1220.