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Passive Home Design: Installing the Right Windows

You can go green and make your home highly energy-efficient by having a passive solar home design. With this design, you can enjoy free heat and light from the sun, as well as a better connection with the environment.

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Many homeowners are starting to invest on passive solar homes because of their many benefits. These homes are known mostly for their superior energy management. Nevertheless, did you know that your windows in Wichita, KS, can actually help convert your home to a passive solar one? In this post, All States Home Improvement discusses what a passive solar home is and what role windows play in this home design.

Passive Solar Home: An Overview

A passive solar home is characterized by superior insulation and energy-saving properties. These collect heat through south-facing windows and distribute it to the entire structure via thermal mass — materials designed to absorb and store heat. With this collected heat, passive solar homes can provide daylight all year round. These homes can also bring comfort to your family during the cooling season with the use of nighttime ventilation.

Before investing on a passive solar design, you need to consider many factors. First, you need to boost the energy efficiency of your existing home. Consult contractors who have significant experience in energy-efficient house design and construction. Second, you need an unobstructed access to the sun. The location of your home should offer an abundant view of the sun to collect and regulate heat.

Importance of Proper Window Choice and Placement

A passive solar home requires the installment of south-facing glazing windows. With this, heat collection and absorption becomes easier. The heat collected by south-facing windows can provide up to 80% of the heat needed to keep your home warm enough during cold months.

Another vital component of a passive solar design is the level of Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, or SHGC. South-facing windows must have a high SHGC, ideally more than 0.52. The higher a window’s SHGC, the more of sun’s heat it transmits.

All States Home Improvement can help you build or reconstruct your home to become passive solar. We provide quality replacement windows, including vinyl windows in Wichita. Apart from their beauty and durability, these windows also display a high level of energy efficiency. Moreover, these come in an array of colors and interior wood-grain finishes.

We offer a wide selection of windows colors and styles. Let us work with you to choose the best fit for your home. Get in touch with us and start your journey towards building a more energy-efficient home today.