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Reasons to Work with HAAG-Certified Inspectors

Storm and hail damage can cause a lot of problems to your roof. Even though you don’t see anything wrong after a storm, you shouldn’t be too complacent about it. There might be underlayment problems that could get worse. Given this, it’s important to consult a HAAG-certified inspector to assess your roofing. That way, you can be sure that professionals are looking for the best solution.

Certified Inspectors

All States Home Improvement is an expert in addressing hail damage and in protecting roofing in Wichita. With our HAAG certification, rest assured that our team is trained in inspection safety methods, codes, and roof area calculations. Here are some reasons to work with a HAAG-certified inspector:

1. Uses Advanced Techniques

HAAG-certified inspectors have the necessary set of skills and knowledge that other inspectors don’t have. As they are trained in a specialized field, they learn science-based techniques that allow them to fully evaluate the scope of the storm damage.

2. Knows Different Types of Roofing

Familiarity with different types of roofing in Wichita, KS, and the impact of hail and wind on various materials is essential in fixing problems. HAAG-certified inspectors understand how such catastrophes affect various roofing materials like metal, asphalt, wood shingles, and clay tiles.

3. Understands Appropriate Codes

Every area follows its own codes in terms of roofing repairs, and HAAG-certified inspectors understand and apply this. We take the time to learn maintenance and installation techniques, as well as applicable codes in your area. This allows us to fix your roofing in Wichita in accordance with local codes and regulations.

These are only some of the reasons to find a HAAG-certified inspector to assess your roof after a storm. All States Home Improvement can conduct a comprehensive inspection to spot problems and address them before they get worse. For assistance, just call us at (316) 444-1220.