Replacement Windows as Part of the Energy Efficiency Pyramid

An energy-efficient home consists of components that help increase its comfort levels and energy-saving properties. Among home improvement projects, replacement doors and windows in Wichita, KS, play a key role in a home’s energy efficiency.

Replacement Windows

In fact, they are positioned second from the top of the Energy Efficiency Pyramid. This was conceptualized by a Midwestern electric utility, Minnesota Power. Homeowners who want to save more energy can use this diagram as a basis by starting from the bottom up. All States Home Improvement elaborates more on this concept. Let us also show how our windows will save you energy.

The Energy Efficiency Pyramid

The diagram includes ten levels; like the food pyramid, it is read from the bottom up. Generally, you should not proceed to a higher level until you are able to accomplish the requirements shown on the lower levels.

  • Home Energy-Audit – This can provide you the relevant information you need to improve your home’s energy efficiency levels. This can reveal unseen problems in your home such as insulation gaps and air leaks.
  • Low-Cost Measures to Reduce Plug Loads – Make it a habit to turn utilities off when not in use.
  • Lighting – Make sure that your home is incandescent free. For instance, consider installing fixtures that use efficient linear fluorescent tubes. These are ideal in areas such as your kitchen and basement.
  • Air Sealing – Hire a contractor equipped with a blower door or a polyurethane foam sprayer to insulate areas that may have poor insulation such as your basement and attic.
  • Efficient Appliances – Select appliances with labels that indicate energy-saving properties. You should also replace older models of your appliances for more efficient products.
  • Insulation Improvements – Ideally, your attic, basement walls, and other parts of your home have adequate insulation. That said, improving insulation in such areas always makes for a good investment.
  • Water Heating – If you have an old, inefficient water heater, you should replace it with any of the following options:  heat-pump water or an indirect water heater connected to a boiler.
  • Space Heating and Cooling Equipment – You should invest in equipment that can make your home cozier, such as a new furnace. Note that you should only do this once you finish air sealing or insulating your home.
  • Replacement Windows – Make sure your replacement windows in Wichita, KS come with insulating properties. These include Low-E glass and vinyl frames.
  • Renewable Energy Equipment – Lastly, installing a photovoltaic system is the last part of the Energy Efficiency Pyramid.

Our Replacement Windows

We take pride in our replacement vinyl windows in Wichita, KS. They come with insulated glass and vinyl frames that will lower the amount of heat that enters and leaves your home. You can also count on our team to make sure that our windows come with quality weather strips for an airtight installation. With these, you do not have to rely too much on your HVAC units, leading to more energy savings.

At All States Home Improvement, we can provide you with energy-saving products that will complement the other components of the Energy Efficiency Pyramid. Call us today at (316) 444-1220 (Wichita) for more information about our window replacement.