Savings, Protection, & Appeal: Reasons to Invest on Roofing

Many property owners started the year by planning various home improvement projects. If you’re not done with your list yet or are just about to start one, we recommend adding a roofing project on your to-do list.

All States Home Improvement, a team of experienced roofing contractors in Wichita KS, shares some reasons you should invest on your roof this year.


As sun, algae, and fungus are common roofing issues, it’s best to have a roof that can resist these factors to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Asphalt shingle sare coated with granules, which protect the material from solar heat. Some also have a coating of copper or zinc to prevent fungus and algae growth.


Durability is an essential feature of a reliable roof. If your current one can barely stand the weather, it may be time to replace it.

According to Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, Wichita is at risk of flood, hail, tornado, and wildfire. When investing on your roof, consider these risks and choose one that can resist impact, strong winds, and fire. You’ll enjoy protection against the elements all year round for a long time.


Your roof makes up a huge portion of your exteriors. Replacing or repairing it can dramatically improve the look of your property –not to mention, increase its value. Choose a type of roof that complements your home’s architectural style. A craftsman-style property, for example, will look great with wood shingles and shakes. With fire hazards, however, you may opt for asphalt shingles that resembles wood. This way, you get the style that works best for your property, but with the features that you need.

The roof is often an afterthought for many homeowners. Give your roof the attention it deserves this year and you’ll enjoy many long-term benefits.

To learn more about your options, consult All States Home Improvement, a trusted roofing company is Wichita KS. We can help you decide whether you need to repair your roof or replace it. We can also help you if you have questions about windows, siding, decks, and gutters. You can call us at (316) 444-1220.