Storm Door Q & A: What You Should Know

Like windows, your entry door is a lovely design element that should make a big impression. It also adds greatly to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. For this reason, it’s essential that you apply an additional layer of protection to your entry door.


You should consider adding a storm door to augment your entry unit. All States Home Improvement, the expert in door installation in Wichita, can help you with this. We’ll help you understand more about storm doors with these facts from our handy Q and A.

  1. What are storm doors for? The Kansas climate can be unexpectedly harsh, leaving your entry door weather-damaged. You can prevent this by installing a storm door over your entry unit. It keeps wind, rain, and hail at bay, maintaining your entry door’s beauty and prolonging its service life. Storm doors typically come in steel, fiberglass, PVC, or wood.
  1. Does installing a storm door save money? You can depend on your storm door to keep the worst of the harshest elements from your entry unit and your home. This means you no longer have to worry about repairs, early door replacement, and the expenses these entail.
  1. Can a storm door keep my home energy-efficient? Storm doors in Wichita create an airlock between your main door and the outside. Together, they form an effective seal that adds greater insulation to your home. This prevents significant energy loss, letting you enjoy a more comfortable home minus the high utility costs.
  1. So a storm door is both durable and efficient—what about its looks? Storm doors can enhance the look of your entry unit and your home’s décor. They are available in a range of colors, materials, and designs. Choose the one that complements your home’s style and decor adds beauty and value.

For quality storm doors in Wichita, KS, look no further than All States Home Improvement. We offer expertly crafted storm doors in advanced vinyl frames. They offer a simple and effective way to keep your home energy-efficient and damage-free from the elements. Their rigid vinyl construction will not chip, peel, or fade, eliminating the need for constant maintenance.

Our storm doors come in a wide selection of colors to boost aesthetic appeal. We also cover them with a deep warranty for greater ease of mind. When you turn to All States Home Improvement for your storm doors, expect a lovelier, comfortable, and energy-efficient home.

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