The New Color Tool from James Hardie®

During home projects, your vision and the result may not always be the same. When choosing colors for your siding in Wichita, it pays to no longer have to second guess your decision. Fortunately, the new James Hardie® Color Tool can help you see how the finished project would look like.

Home Improvement

Let All States Home Improvement show you how it works.

Enter Your Zip Code

The tool considers the climate in your location to give you the best options for your home. After entering the zip code, it will then provide you with the colors and style options available.

Choose a Siding Color

This will be the main color of your home. We suggest choosing colors for your James Hardie siding in Wichita that best complements your home’s style. Deep colors like Iron Gray are suited for more modern styles, while our Evening Blue allows for a rich, expressive theme.

Identify Your Home’s Architectural Style

The tool provides a wide selection of architectural styles, so finding one that is similar to your home would not be a problem. Once you select your style, you can apply the color your previously chose and see how it looks on your home.

Choose Trim and Accent Colors

You can also choose trim and accent colors to go with your main siding color. The tool offers an extensive range of color combinations to choose from. It also has a custom palette tab that allows you to create your own mix of colors.

Customize Other Areas

Once you’re done customizing your home’s structure, you can also choose your roof, window and door color from the list of colors available. You can go with your current color palette or experiment and go for a bold color for a fresh contrast.

After you’ve decided on all the aspects of your home, save your design for future reference or to get your friends’ opinions. Try different color combinations with the new James Hardie color tool and find the perfect palette for your home.

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