Tips on Choosing a Color for Your Entry Door

Your front door serves as the welcoming feature of your house. The color of your entry doors in Wichita, KS  can greatly affect the first impression of your home. For instance, a sunny yellow color gives off a positive and welcoming mood. Meanwhile, a bright red door offers a trendy appeal.

Entry Door

All States Home Improvement, one of the leading home improvement contractors in Kansas, offers some tips to help you choose the best color for your front door.

Understand the Color Basics

Choosing a color is more than just picking out your favorite shade. If you’re unsure of the color that would complement your home, you can always refer to the color wheel.

The color wheel can help you determine the different colors that complement each other on their own.  You can come up with at least four color schemes based on the color wheel, monochromatic, analogous, contrast, and complementary. If you’re unsure of the scheme that you want, you can consult us at All States Home Improvement. Our high-quality entry doors in Wichita, KS, are available in a wide array of colors and shades to complement your home.

Check Your Home’s Style and Personality

You can also take cues from your home’s architectural style. For example, pastel colors would look off on an elegant English Tudor styled home. Meanwhile, bright colors such as turquoise would blend right in with a Mediterranean-influenced home.

When choosing colors for your front door, consider the materials used in your home, the style, and your landscaping. A color that stands out, but still complements the rest of the existing colors, is advisable.

Choose a Focal Point

Your front door can be the focal point of your home. You can use it to accent exterior tones or as the finishing touch to your design palette. Going for bold colors can provide a fresh contrast in a subtle manner.

Colors are also a great way of expressing emotion. Light and bright shades offer a playful and energizing vibe, while subdued and dark tones give off a somber and traditional mood.

All States Home Improvement can help you choose a color for your entry doors. In addition, we offer other reliable services, including window and door installation in Wichita, KS. Call us today at (316) 444-1220 to discuss your options. You can request a free estimate by filling out our contact form.