Tips on Making Your Siding and Landscape Mix

Your landscape is a major consideration when choosing your siding, specifically its color. Although it can single-handedly set the tone for your exterior, your siding’s hue alone won’t make a palette. If it doesn’t harmonize with the shrubs and flowers on your lawn, then it won’t do much to boost curb appeal.

Siding and Landscape

In today’s blog, All States Home Improvement wants to share a few tips to make your siding coexist with your landscape naturally:

Complement for Continuity

Beauty lies in harmony, not in contrast. To establish a connection between your siding and landscape, they must share a common denominator. If you have no plans of changing your garden blossoms soon, base the color of your siding on your flowers’.

For a mishmash of vibrant blooms, your siding should be of a light tone. Otherwise, the same principle applies. To avoid creating a boring color scheme, experienced siding contractors like us generally recommend having dark shrubs to add some depth.

Consider All Seasons

Consider the ever-changing color of your landscapes when deciding on your siding. You may pick the hue that matches your plants and flowers, but it could be a different story come fall.

Unless you have evergreens, account for how your yard transforms its beauty through the months. This way, your exterior would be a marvel to behold all year round. When in doubt, choose a forgiving color for your siding, like white or pastels.

Dare to Go All White

Speaking of white, this color works wonders almost all the time. It can match any shade of green and any flowery hue. If you take this route, the splash of color would draw the eye from your home and include your lawn as the center of interest.

But then again, white may not bring out the character of your home. Fortunately, James Hardie® siding comes in a broad spectrum of pastels to help you pull off this idea. With our guidance, we can help you pick the perfect substitute for white and celebrate the time-honored look of your architecture.

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