Transform Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

With stress all around us and limited traveling opportunities during the pandemic, there’s no better time than now to create a spa-like sanctuary in your own home! Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered from floor to ceiling in this bathroom oasis guide!

From hardware to finishing touches, adding thoughtful details throughout your bathroom will make a huge difference in its relaxing ambiance. Read on to learn how to transform your home bathroom into your getaway. 

Shower Update

First things first. Your tub or shower is the center of your master bathroom. Nothing upgrades a bathroom like a luxurious walk-in shower. How many times have you visited a high-end hotel and found yourself wishing for the walk-in shower and its faucet of a million features? You don’t have to spend $200 a night to have the shower of your dreams! A simple shower renovation will completely transform your bathing experience and turn your home bathroom into a daily escape!

Switching out your shower/tub combo will immediately transform your bathroom from “blah” to “ah” while also adding value to your home. A walk-in shower is an excellent investment, as it is a fantastic selling feature for homebuyers of all ages.

Bathing should be a rejuvenating experience for people of all ages and mobility levels. Therefore, if showering is a difficult or dangerous task, All States Home Improvement can help with an easy access walk-in shower and we can include grab bars and seats for extra safety.  Depending on your need All States offers innovative walk-in tubs with ADA compliant seating, low entry threshold, slip resistant flooring and built in safe reach grab bar.  While walk-in tubs come with a higher price tag, the benefits awarded with a safer way to bathe, far outweigh the cost. 


Don’t overlook the hardware in your shower! Your showerhead choice can turn an ordinary shower into a blissful experience. From rainfall or waterfall showerheads to multi-function faucets, there are many different options to choose from. A handheld showerhead is the most popular option on the market. Handheld showerheads not only allow you to bathe with ease, but they also come in handy when cleaning your shower!

Once you have selected your showerhead, be sure to consider the other shower accessories to make your life easier and more comfortable. Additionally, you might want to consider swapping out your old bathroom hardware to match the finish of your new showerhead, but more on that later! 

Now take a moment to consider stepping out of a relaxing shower and reaching for your towel from a newly installed towel warmer. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced that complete bliss! You shouldn’t have to wait until vacation for a warmed towel when you can enjoy that amenity every day with a simple towel warmer installation.


If you’re wondering if bathrooms should have windows, the answer is YES! If your bathroom doesn’t already have a window, All States Home Improvement has all of the expertise to install a beautiful window with privacy features like frosted glass. Windows allow natural light into the room as well as offering ventilation options. A well-placed window will also bring the outside in, so if you have a beautiful view, a large picture window will ease your stress and help you unwind.

Color Selections

To create a space you want to spend time in, you need to consider the psychology of color. Perfectly selected color combinations will soothe your mind after a long, stressful day. A general rule of thumb is to choose cool colors, like blue, purple, and green. Read on for a deeper delve into some of our favorite bathroom colors.

Pure white is the perfect starting point for any calming space. It can act as a foundation for other colors or be the star of the show. Just be sure to add a variety of textures to the space so it doesn’t come off as too sterile.

Blue is likely the most frequently used color in spas around the world. That’s no mistake! From the ocean to the sky, blue oozes peace and tranquility. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with nearly any shade of blue in your bathroom oasis!

Because of its blue undertones, lavender is another great option for creating a relaxing space. In fact, not only is it a calming color, but lavender is also a fantastic scent for any bathroom!

Like white, gray is a beautiful base color. In the past few years, gray has seen a steady increase in popularity, so a cool, muted gray will never be a bad choice.

Because of its prevalence in nature, green is another soothing color option. Whether it’s a lovely green paint on your walls or splashes of vibrant green accents, you will surely find some peace with green. More on that in the next section!

Finishing Touches

They say the devil is in the details, and that’s certainly the case in creating your home oasis. After your renovation is complete, be sure to give a little extra attention to the detail that will truly transform the space.

Metallic finishes will quickly add a sense of luxury to the room. This is a great place to spruce up your old hardware mentioned before! If you don’t want to change out fixtures, invest in metallic wastebaskets, soap dishes, and other vanity products to add that little bit of glam.

Nature is a natural stress reducer, so houseplants are a must for any calming space, including your bathroom. Be sure to choose plants that thrive in humid conditions, low light, and can withstand temperature swings. Some great plants for bathrooms are bamboo, ferns, philodendrons, snake plants, and spider plants.

Last but certainly not least, no spa is complete without fluffy towels and soft robes

All States Home Improvement Will Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

From full renovations to a variety of bathroom upgrades, the experts at All States Home Improvement have everything you need to create a spa-like escape in your home. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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