Video Blog: What is the HardieZone® System?

HardieZone® System

North America has diverse climates spread over several regions. This is why James Hardie® has developed a system to match its siding products to the appropriate climate: the HardieZone® system. As one of the leading siding contractors in Wichita, KS, we’re proud to offer HardieZone products to local homeowners.

What is HardieZone?

James Hardie developed the HardieZone system as the need for climate-specific siding material became apparent. Siding that’s optimized for cold northern states wouldn’t necessarily perform well when installed on a house in a warm, humid southern state. Most siding manufacturers at that point didn’t offer climate-specific products and offered the same kind of siding regardless of climate.

The HardieZone System considered eight climatic situations that all contribute to long-term siding performance. These considerations led to the creation of 10 distinct climatic zones, some of which have enough similarities. This allowed James Hardie to keep the product selection simple, with just two options: HZ5™ and HZ10™.

HZ5 Siding

When getting new siding in Wichita, KS, we’ll give you options from the HZ5 zone. This product line is designed for cold climates, where having a well-insulated exterior is essential to keep the indoor heat in and the cold out. The exterior-facing side comes with a treatment that resists the effects of below-freezing temperatures such as cracking, warping, and moisture absorption. In addition to these features, HZ5 siding performs with all the benefits expected from a James Hardie product.

HZ10 Siding

Homeowners who live in warm and humid climates face blistering heat, sheets of rain, and strong winds. This is where the HZ10 product line excels. In addition to the expected beauty and longevity of James Hardie siding, HZ10 also features resistance against coastal conditions like sea air, hurricane-force winds, and prolonged exposure to UV rays.

All States Home Improvement offers quality James Hardie siding in Wichita, KS. If you need to create a deck design that will match your new siding, we can help with that, too. To learn more about our services, call us today at (316) 444-1220. You can also reach us through our contact form.