VIDEO: Reasons Beechworth Windows™ Are Great for Midwest Homes

Beechworth Windows

As part of our mission to deliver the best window solutions to our valued clients, All States Home Improvement chooses to install Beechworth Windows™. This iconic brand is home to unrivaled replacement windows that are as extremely functional as they are stunningly attractive.

Considering the kinds of climate the Midwest would throw at you 365 days a year, banking on the engineering excellence of Beechworth for your windows in Wichita, KS, is the key to a more comfortable home lifestyle and lower energy costs.

Fiberglass Meets Wood

Beechworth recognizes that one material alone isn’t enough to make your windows enduringly durable and beautiful inside out. The brand combines the superior strength of fiberglass composite with the timeless charm of real wood.

This way, you can expect your replacement windows in Wichita to take all punishments from Mother Nature year after year. At the same time, Beechworth offers versatile designs to let your new windows blend perfectly with your home’s other architectural features.

Beechworth’s fiberglass window exterior comes in five finishes, while the wood interior can be prefinished, primed for paint, or left with its natural, stainable appearance.

Customization Is the Standard

Unlike pre-manufactured fenestration products, all of your new Beechworth windows could be custom-fit to your existing openings. This not just simplifies the project, but also saves you tons of money in labor.

Our experts would come to your home, do the measurements, get your customized windows built, and then install them. No need to widen or narrow the holes your old windows occupy.

Complete Recipe for Sustainability

Just like the energy efficiency capability of our vinyl windows in Wichita, Beechworth windows have a dual pane design with inert argon gas and Low-E coating for maximum insulation and thermal performance. With these layers of defense, unwanted heat transfer is significantly minimized all year long.

Revolutionize your home with Beechworth’s innovative window solutions. Call All States Home Improvement now at (316) 444-1220 and let’s get your project started.