Vinyl vs. Fiber Cement Siding: Which is Best for You?

Your siding is the first thing people notice when looking at your home. It’s like clothes for your house. In an instant, it communicates personality and style. From the color you choose to the material it’s made from, the possibilities are endless. The process of selecting your new siding can be overwhelming, and that’s where we come in! We have been installing vinyl and fiber cement siding in Kansas for more than 25 years, and we have solutions to fit every budget and aesthetic.

At All States Home Improvement, we wrap Kansas homes in vinyl or James Hardie fiber cement siding. Both options have their own unique set of benefits and price points. Before deciding which option is best for your individual circumstances, let’s first go over the similarities and differences between vinyl and fiber cement siding.

Vinyl Siding

Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, vinyl siding is the most popular option used to adorn homes in America today. Its affordable price point and low maintenance level make it highly accessible for any homeowner. 

A primary advantage of vinyl siding is its color longevity. Unlike other siding options that are painted, the color in vinyl siding is baked in. This means the color runs through the entire piece of siding and cannot be scratched off. Therefore, vinyl siding does not have to be painted.

Affordability is another leading benefit of vinyl siding. Product costs alone make vinyl the least expensive siding option. Additionally, labor costs are lower because vinyl is quick to install.

Durability and simple upkeep round out the list of pros for vinyl. Because PVC plastic is relatively flexible, it resists cracks and chips where other, more rigid options might fall short. And since the vinyl siding surface is slick and smooth, virtually any dirt or grime buildup can be cleaned away with a simple garden hose.

The most important factor when considering vinyl siding is ensuring proper installation. Inexperienced contractors will diminish your vinyl siding’s longevity if they attach it too tightly, resulting in cracks and bulges. Our siding experts have trained for years to guarantee quality installation. All States also offers composite siding with contour foam for an insulated vinyl siding option.

Fiber Cement Siding

Manufactured with a mix of cellulose fiber, cement, and sand, fiber cement siding resists cracks and warping, and it is equipped to resist damage from rain, wind, snow, and ice. While fiber cement products and installation come with a higher price tag, they are built to last around 50 years. Fiber cement siding is impervious to insects and rot, and while requiring painting, most homes can make it 20 years before needing a new paint job.

There are many benefits to fiber cement siding. One reason to choose fiber cement over vinyl is its appearance. Because fiber cement siding is more than five times thicker than vinyl, it has deeper grooves, which gives it a more authentic wood-grain look. Therefore, if you have an older, traditional home with unique details, fiber cement siding would better match your chosen aesthetic. Additionally, fiber cement siding is more flame resistant than vinyl. Because vinyl is essentially plastic, it will melt in a fire, while fiber cement siding is non-combustible and ultimately better at withstanding damage.

We install the highest quality fiber cement siding available: James Hardie siding. James Hardie engineers products for different climates across the country. This innovative technology is called The HardieZone System. Why is it ideal to have siding designed for the Kansas climate? HardieZone means your home will be equipped with HZ5 siding that withstands freezing temperatures and extreme seasonal temperature variations, which we know sums Kansas weather up to a tee! Additionally, HZ5 siding has a unique surface that guarantees superior paint adhesion and improved water management. And James Hardie comes with a 30 year NON prorated warranty!

So which siding option is best for you?

Well, as you might have guessed, that’s ultimately dependent on your preferences and budget. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our design consultants. We will sit down with you and go over your individual circumstances and help you assess the options that match your budget. Stop by our local showroom to see our siding in action!

Choose All States Home Improvement for Your Siding Installation

For over 25 years, we’ve been working with Kansas homeowners to choose a siding color and style that best suits their home. Each of our siding installation specialists has undergone countless hours of factory and on-the-job training to ensure that we get the job done right- the first time.

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