What Does Your Entry Door Color Say about You?

Your front door is a focal point in any home. With the right color, it would scream for attention and create a welcoming vibe for guests. Colors evoke different psychological messages that can greatly affect your home’s curb appeal. If you want your entry doors in Wichita, KS to reflect your personality, All States Home Improvement can help. Here are the impressions that your front door color makes.

Entry Door Color


White universally signals simplicity and cleanliness. It tells everyone that you have organized home décor with an emphasis on perfection. However, despite too much white may seem boring. You can amp it up by using vibrant hues on other exterior components, too.


A red front door would energize your home design. When added to a palette of pastels, red never fails to catch the attention of passersby and guests alike. Bold red doors in Wichita, KS, are welcoming and imply a hospitable home.


Muted or striking, blue is always inviting. It symbolizes calmness and tranquility, but their message changes depending on their shade. Lighter shades display a sense of healing, understanding, and trustworthiness. Darker hues like navy, on the other hand, speak of depth, knowledge, and seriousness.


Green evokes nature, giving your home’s facade an earthy feel. Olive green could signify peace, while a darker shade is reminiscent of money and ambition.


Yellow front doors convey happiness. This shade also represents intelligence. It can convey how creative and artistic you are with your home’s aesthetic design.

All States Home Improvement can help you choose the best color for your entry door. With over 22 years of experience, you can rely on our proven expertise to make your door installation Wichita, Kansas a success. If you want a more beautiful home, we can help you build outdoor decks, replace old windows, and install new siding.

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