Why Vinyl Is an Excellent Replacement Window Material

Old and drafty windows can make your home uncomfortable and increase your energy bills, so you need to replace them as soon as possible. Fortunately, All States Home Improvement can install quality replacement windows from industry-leading manufacturers.

Why Vinyl Is an Excellent Replacement Window Material

Our vinyl and fiberglass windows are an excellent alternative to traditional wooden windows because of their great features. Learn more about our vinyl windows’ features here:

  • Energy Efficiency – Vinyl windows can serve as excellent insulators because the hollow cavities of vinyl frames can be filled with insulation. This makes them thermally superior to other window materials like wood. In addition, our replacement windows feature low-emissivity (low-e) glass coatings. The low-e coatings reflect heat away from your windows. This means that our windows can help prevent heat from escaping in winter and keep heat from entering your home in summer.
  • Low Maintenance – Once we install your replacement windows, you no longer have to worry about them. Vinyl windows don’t require painting and staining, and they have excellent moisture resistance. They don’t require periodic maintenance, and you can keep them looking beautiful by cleaning your windows now and then. Our high-quality vinyl windows are also resistant to the elements so they won’t age as fast as other windows.
  • Variety – Our vinyl windows come in different colors, shapes and sizes. You can easily find the right vinyl window for your home’s style. In addition, the colors of our vinyl windows are built into the material. Their colors will look beautiful even years after installation. Our products also have interior wood-grain finishes.

Our high-quality vinyl windows are a great alternative to wood windows because of their ease of maintenance, great energy efficiency and wide variety of designs. During our initial consultations, we can help you plan your window replacement project and assist you in choosing the best window types and designs for your home.

All States Home Improvement serves many areas in Kansas, including Wichita. Give us a call to learn more about our vinyl replacement windows. You can also request a free estimate.