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Why You Should Leave Door Replacement to Pros

Planning for new doors in Wichita, KS  is a major undertaking. Like any other home improvement project, door replacement requires a flawless installation to ensure long-lasting performance. This is why you should leave the door replacement to the pros to ensure the best results.

Door Replacement


Kansas climate calls for reliable insulation all year round. Sheet insulation requires an easy and proper installation. Blown-in or other types of insulation will require specific tools, which wouldn’t be cost-effective if you’ll end up using it only once. You need to make sure that there aren’t any gaps around the frame that will let indoor heat escape. You can avoid this issue through proper installation.

Installation Quality

You can always tell when a door wasn’t installed by a professional. Tell-tale signs include rough edges, the minuscule gaps, and even a slight unevenness to the frame. If you’re after quality door installation in Wichita, KS, then all the more reason to leave the installation work to professionals. Keep in mind that some door types have a specific set of installation instructions that only experts can follow meticulously.

Professional Work from All States Home Improvement

All States Home Improvement has installed high-quality doors since 1992 through our extensive experience. We keep our installation skills updated through continuous factory training from the door manufacturers themselves. This assures that accurate installation for every door project. Our company has a strong culture of customer service to ensure a pleasant experience from the first consultation until project completion.

If you’re ready to have your doors in Wichita, KS, replaced, call All States Home Improvement today. We can also help you with other home improvement projects, such as window replacement, roofing installation, deck building, and new siding.

Call us today at (316) 444-1220 to learn how we can help you create better homes. You can also fill out our contact form for a free estimate for your next home improvement project.