7 Essentials Your Remodeling Contract Should Have

A home remodel involves considerable time, effort, and money. For this reason, make sure you can make the most of the investment. This means protecting both yourself and your project with a contract. After all, a firm handshake and verbal agreement aren’t enough to ensure a smoother, safer project. These days, it’s written or bust.

Remodeling Contract

All States Home Improvement, your expert for home improvement in Wichita, KS, shares these seven essential things you should look for in a contract:

  1. Copy of the Contract. This offers protection for both parties involved. You and your remodeler should have a physical copy of the contract detailing the work agreement. This should ensure timely and efficient completion of the project, as it says in the fine print.
  2. Existing Business Address. The contract should also have the remodeler’s existing business address. If you need to get contact them upon beginning the project, you can ask to drop off your deposit at the location listed on the contract.
  3. A Guarantee for Permit Application. You can’t start your home remodeling project without applying for the necessary building permit. There should be a section in the contract stating that your remodeler will secure the applicable paperwork. This ensures that your project can go on without the risk of forced removal of fines.
  4. Project Duration and Scope. Whether it’s installing a new roof or replacement windows in Wichita, KS, make sure that you and your remodeler are on the same page. If your designer has created a plan, including the designer’s name and the date in the contract. This way, you can point out this reference if the finished work turned out different from what you’ve expected. Additionally, include the project duration in writing. A timeline helps keep the project on track and ensure that your contractor finishes it on time.
  5. License. Confirm in the fine print if your remodeler has the necessary license for the work you’re investing in. A license means that they meet, or even exceed the exams necessary to perform remodeling work in your area. Carrying it also means that they have the right paperwork.
  6. Insurance. This should include workers’ compensation and liability coverage. This way, you won’t be held accountable if an accident occurs in your property.
  7. Payment Schedule. This varies for every job, but the schedule should be agreeable to both parties. Just make sure you’re not spending considerably more than you have to.

With All States Home Improvement, you can have worry-free home remodeling. Whether you need us for window replacement or roof repair in Wichita, KS, you can expect us to adhere to our contract and agreement. Call us at (913) 800-5211 or fill out this form for a free quote.