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Gutter Maintenance: 3 Reasons to Seek the Help of Experts

Keeping your roof and gutters in Wichita, KS in good condition helps you save on repair and replacement costs. When it comes to maintaining these parts of your house, timing is important. An undetected leak, for instance, can cause many problems. Identifying the root cause too late may result in bigger issues.

We still have a few weeks before winter ends, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have your roofing and gutters checked this time of the year. If you suspect problems, particularly on your gutters, don’t wait too long before scheduling a professional inspection.

Here are three reasons you should ask help from experts, such as our team at All States Home Improvement:


During winter, you need to make sure that you have clog-free gutters, otherwise, water may not reach and drain through the downspout, leading to an overflow. Snow and ice may collect in the gutters, which may cause the gutters to sag. The freeze-thaw cycle may also damage them, as the material may expand or contract during extreme temperature changes.

Seeking the opinions of experts can help you determine the right way to solve issues caused by the cold weather. You’d be able to maintain your gutters and be confident that they’ll survive the rest of the season.


Some homeowners often prefer to inspect and repair the gutters themselves when they suspect a problem. Sometimes it takes something as simple as letting a ladder leaning on a wrong section of the gutter for a major problem to occur.

Contractors like us have the necessary skills and experience to work on gutters in different types of homes. If you feel that your gutters need repair right now, all it takes is a phone call for help to be on its way.


Working on the roof during winter is dangerous, especially if you don’t have the right skills to accomplish the job safely. Our contractors have the necessary equipment to perform various roofing works in any season.

Identifying the first signs of a problem is the key to keeping your gutter in good condition throughout winter. If you suspect any issues, it’s best to seek help from the experts as soon as you can. Don’t let the season damage your roof and gutter. Our well-trained contractors will be happy to help your gutters and roof get through the season

If you need help with gutter installation in Wichita, KS or with general maintenance of doors, windows, gutters, decks, and siding, get in touch with All States Home Improvement.