Making the Most of Bays and Bows

Among the many window options available out there, bay and bow windows are the ones most open to customization. This makes them perfect for a host of customization ideas that make them stand out beautifully while remaining functional. All States Home Improvement takes a look at several great ideas for your bay and bow windows to help you maximize this potential.

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Strike the right balance between illumination and ventilation

Bay and bow windows in Wichita, KS aren’t actually separate types of windows. Rather, they’re a combination of several windows arranged in either a trapezoidal arrangement—as with bay windows—or in a curved formation—as with bow windows. The windows that compose them can be of any type. That said, we suggest getting those types of windows that maximize on light and ventilation. For bay windows, that would be a central picture window flanked by either casement windows or double-hung windows. For bow windows, get a neat curve of casement windows!

Make a creative seating nook

To anyone on the outside, bay and bow replacement windows in Wichita jut out elegantly onto the street, creating a very beautiful and noticeable protrusion. On the inside, this creates some space that often goes unused. A great idea here would be to put in a sitting nook. Here are a few tips to go about doing that:

  • Start simple. You don’t need to get overcomplicated with your nook. A custom-fit cushion and some throw pillows are often enough to get comfortable.
  • Add some storage. To better maximize the spaces that bay and bow windows create, you can add a drawer or two underneath your sitting nook that you can fill with books or little knickknacks that you’d use in your little space.
  • Grab some good curtains. Apart from getting our energy-efficient options, you can throw in some curtains to beautify the arrangement and protect you from the sun as you hang out and relax.

All States Home Improvement offers the best in bay and bow windows. Our options are durable and very energy-efficient, making them a worthwhile long-term investment because they save you money the longer that they’re up there. They also keep your home at the temperatures that are most comfortable for you and your family. Give All States Home Improvement a call today and we’ll be more than happy to help you create a bay and bow window layout that’s perfect for your home.