Part 3: Giving Your Home the James Hardie Siding Treatment

Standing Tall with HardiePanel Vertical Siding

Do you prefer something other than the classic charm of lap and shingle siding? If that’s the case, then HardiePanel Vertical siding might be right up your alley. Made with the same high-performance material as other James Hardie siding, Hardie panel features smooth vertical lines. Some might think switching from a horizontal siding panel to a vertical one isn’t that big of a deal, but it does have some a few key benefits.

Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of vertical siding is its ability to channel water down more efficiently than other siding styles. This is invaluable during rainy season, where constant moisture in the siding can encourage fungus or mold to grow. In case something does grow on the siding, it will be easier to wash down. Another advantage of having vertical seams is the minimal amount of horizontal surfaces where dust can accumulate.

On the more aesthetic side of things, the lines of HardiePanel Vertical siding also gives the illusion of added height. For houses that have very low roof clearance, this can make their homes look taller than they appear. It is also perfect for homes that intend to bring more focus to the roof of the house.

In some cases, vertical siding also tends to last longer than horizontal siding. For example, some vinyl siding tends to “sag” at the middle after some time. This not only looks bad, but also opens up seams between panels above or below it and compromises your home’s weather protection. This rarely happens with vertical siding, even more so if it’s HardiePanel Vertical siding.

Like other James Hardie siding, HardiePanel vertical siding offers improved energy efficiency, as well as unparalleled resistance to wear and tear, moisture damage, fire, and pests. Because of this, you not only protect your house from bad weather, but also save thousands of dollars a year in repair and maintenance.

Have you figured out which type of James Hardie siding would be perfect for your home?