Siding Head-to-Head: Vinyl versus Fiber Cement

Siding plays a huge role in your home—protecting your home from the elements while enhancing and highlighting your own sense of style. Investing in new siding opens you up to two great siding options. Which one is the better choice? All States Home Improvement puts them side by side and gives you the lowdown on their best qualities.


Fiber cement siding in Wichita comes in a variety of forms. You can get half-round, square singles, or long plank boards. These can be painted or stained to match any color that you would like—we also have these prepainted to eliminate the need to constantly repaint. That said, vinyl offers a much wider range in terms of design. They can match the designs available to fiber cement and many others.

If you are talking about quantity, then vinyl comes off ahead. There are those who say, however, that fiber cement is closer to the look and feel of wood—an important consideration if that is your preference.


Vinyl siding has the advantage of being very flexible—it can really roll with the punches, so to speak. As a lighter material, however, it has a very small vulnerability to extra strong winds. Fiber cement is the more rigid material of the two and can take quite a beating because of that. The lack of flexibility might mean some chipping down the road, though, but it can withstand the elements for a good long time.

The two are pretty much on par with each other in this field, and it is hard to call a winner. With a proper professional installation, either of these siding options will last you a long time.

Of course, the question is, which one do you get, then? The truth is, it comes down to preference, really—a matter of picking out which feels the best for you and your home’s needs. Choosing All States Home Improvement among the siding contractors of Wichita, KS, meanwhile, is most advantageous, as we make sure to stock only the best-quality products. Match that with professional-grade service, and you end up with siding that lasts you a long time.

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