West Wichita – Roof Replacement Before & After

How do you know if your roof has hail damage? Call in an expert like All States Home Improvement that with a trained eye can safely get on your roof and look for hail damage, such as dents in some of the metal vents, valley strips or ventilation, as well as look for blemishes and dents on the shingles. The homeowner can also look for roof granules in bottom of your drain spouts or guttering, as a sign that your roof is in need of care. This beautiful West Wichita home had a 15 year old roof with extensive hail damage that exposed the under coating to sun damage, which was identified prior to the home having inside leaking, that would cause further damage. All States Home Improvement provided this home with a high quality, multi-layer, water tight roof replacement that will last many years! If you think you may need a roof replacement, contact All States Home Improvement and they can work with your insurance company to provide the highest quality materials for a beautiful new roof on your home.

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