What Color Should You Choose for Your New Siding?

You’re taking the leap and investing in new siding! Nothing will make a more significant impact on your home’s curb appeal than new siding, so it is one of the best investments homeowners can make. While you may choose to replace existing siding with a similar color, this is a great time to completely change the look of your home with an entirely different color. But which color to choose? Read on for some of our recommendations.

Psychology of Color

To find the perfect color for your home, you must first understand the psychology of color. Your color choice will instantly communicate the personality of your home, so it is important to understand what exactly each color intrinsically represents.

Warm Colors

Red, orange, and yellow make up the warm colors on the color wheel. These stimulating colors are known to represent energy and passion.

Cool Colors

Green, blue, and purple are all cool colors. Relaxing and calming are words often used to describe cool color palettes. 


Most often, you will want to select a slightly muted tone of your color choice. While rich colors are the perfect fit for some homes, most call for a less vibrant hue. Additionally, as the vibrancy of a color decreases, it becomes more neutral, and its color psychology will slowly diminish.


White, grey, and taupe are common in home decor. In general, these colors represent a lack of mood, which is why they are called “neutral.” However, dark tones of these colors may communicate a dark and somber mood, while lighter tones are more airy and lighthearted. These colors can shine as primary siding colors, and they also make great options for trim. More on that later! 

Color Combinations

Two useful formulas for color harmony are complementary color palettes and monochromatic color palettes. Complementary colors sit opposite each other on the color wheel, and a monochromatic color scheme consists of different shades of the same color. These two formulas will not steer you wrong, as long as you’re sure to create a bit of contrast between the colors you choose.

Keep in mind that homes look best with a combination of three colors. Depending on your home, the predominant color will either be your siding or stone/brick. Then comes your trim. In some cases, you may have an additional accent color for the shutters and front door. You will also want to keep the color of your roof in mind when selecting your siding so you don’t choose something that will clash with the second-largest facade of your home!

When you replace your siding, you will likely want to give your trim a facelift as well. Though we don’t provide painting service at All States Home Improvement, we have worked with many Kansas painters, and we would be happy to recommend a quality painter in your area. We do, however, replace front entry doors, and we can help you choose the right door to match your new siding.

Some of our favorite color combinations are classic, classy combos that never go out of style. They go with virtually any stone color, and they are appealing to the eye. A foolproof way to select a color combination is to choose two neutral shades, one dark and one light, to create contrast between the two. Often, this will be a version of a monochromatic color palette.

Coordinating With Stone and Brick

Now that you understand what different colors signify, the next step is to consider the existing features on your home, such as the stonework.

Black and white make a great team with red brick, as does nearly any other combination of neutral colors like gray or taupe. Additionally, since green is the complementary color of red, a nice sage siding would look exquisite. Though blue doesn’t fall into any color harmony with red, the two are often paired together for a classic combination.

Blue is a perfect match for gray stone because they both have cool undertones. Yellow is another fantastic partner to gray, as is any combination of neutrals. Black and white are always a good option as well!

Matching Your Personality and Neighborhood

When choosing your siding color, you may need to keep in mind the homes in your neighborhood. Do you want your home to stand out or blend in? Remember, while some homeowners associations do not have restrictions on siding colors, many dictate the color palette throughout the neighborhood.

You will have to look at your home each day, so create a color combination that brings you joy…or peace, or energy…whichever mood it is you’re looking to create. Lucky for you, you now know which color will emanate that emotion! 

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