When to Repair or Replace: That Important Window Question

Window Replacement vs Window Repair in Kansas

Many Kansas homeowners today are looking for ways to save up on costs around the home. When it comes to windows, things can get a little tricky at times. Knowing when a window replacement or repair is in order can save you heartache and some cash in the future. At All States Home Improvement, we have the expertise to tell the difference—and now you can too.

When a Quick Fix Helps

On the surface, repairs seem like the right way to go to save a little on your windows. With just a little work done, it follows that you spend just a little. The trick here, though, is knowing how far that repair will take you. If there is a chance that you will be spending money on the repair of the same issue down the road, you are not saving up on anything at all.

Generally, you can go for professional repairs when the damage or problem is minor. The following can be classified as minor issues:

  • Chipped and/or peeling paint – A window repair service can be a cost-effective solution for chipped and peeling paint. Replacing paint with a fresh coat can provide an instant curb appeal boost.
  • Water damage – Water damage can wreak havoc on your windows, leading to rotted frames over time. Window repair services can effectively address issues such as rotted frames caused by heavy rain, snow melt, and humidity.
  • Worn caulking – Drafty windows can result from worn caulking. Repairs involving caulking replacement can seal gaps and prevent cool air, humidity, insects, and water from entering your home. 
  • Difficulty opening and closing windows – Sticking windows is an annoyance and a potential fire hazard. Window repair services can address issues with wood sashes or rusty hinges that impede proper functionality.
  • Damaged casing – Casing protects your windows and contributes to curb appeal. Window repair services can fix damaged casing caused by weather and climate, ensuring your windows remain functional and visually appealing. 
  • Rotting drip cap – The drip cap, crucial for preventing moisture from entering your house, can be repaired or replaced easily without needing to install new windows.

When a Replacement is Better

If your windows are simply old, failing, and out of date—it’s a better long-term investment to get modern replacement windows. You should also consider getting a window replacement if you notice that you have:

  • Windows with cold glass – If your windows fail to keep the cold out, they may have insulation issues, which would require a window replacement.
  • Drafty windows – Certain issues causing drafts, such as cracks in the glass, torn screens, or incorrectly fitted windows, may require window replacement for a long-term solution.
  • Foggy windows – Fog trapped between two panes of glass indicates issues with the insulated glass unit (IGU). Since IGUs are sealed, the only solution is to replace the sealed double-pane glass.
  • High energy bills – Drafty windows impact energy bills. If you notice a significant increase, replacing windows can help enhance energy efficiency and indoor comfort.
  • Windows with excessive damage – In cases of significant damage where repairs may not be cost-effective, opting for window replacement ensures a comprehensive solution.

It’s essential to ensure that your windows are energy efficient because a Department of Energy study shows that windows account for 30% of a home’s energy expenditure, which means getting a newer window can help cut your energy expenses by up to a third. On top of that, you benefit from lowered UV exposure because of the special coating of our panes. You’ll also enjoy improved noise reduction, and you essentially reset your maintenance schedule for your windows too.

Making the Decision

In the choice between a window installation and window repair, careful consideration of factors like aesthetic preferences, budget constraints, and the extent of damage is crucial. If you’re still unsure, All States Home Improvement can help. You can count on our team because we have a foundation built on award-winning customer service, a family-owned legacy since 1992, and a commitment to quality. 

Each situation is unique, and our specialized installers can provide the expertise you need and answer your questions. Contact All States Home Improvement to explore whether window replacement or repair is the ideal solution for your Kansas home.