Frequently Asked Questions: Windows

Are you contemplating window replacement but find yourself flooded with questions? You’re not alone. All States Home Improvement understands the importance of making informed decisions about your Kansas home, so we will address the frequently asked questions surrounding windows. From energy efficiency to installation considerations, we have you covered. 

How do I know if I need new windows? 

Not sure if you need new windows? Here’s a quick guide to help you determine whether you’re due for a replacement: 

  • Increased energy bills – Dig out your past electricity and gas bills, and compare them year over year. Do you notice an incremental increase each summer or winter? That’s a telltale sign your home is losing heating and cooling, likely through your windows. 
  • Drafts and leaks – You might have felt warm air rushing through your window this summer on a windy Kansas day, or perhaps you recall cold gusts last winter on a snowy January night. Either way, drafty windows are a clear sign you’re due for an upgrade.  
  • Condensation between windowpanes – Condensation is a sign that the seal within your window has broken down, and it’s time to contact us to schedule a consultation. 
  • Rotting and damage – Look around the windows on your home’s exterior. If the area is soft or decaying, don’t wait to replace your windows, as this damage could lead to additional problems down the line. 
  • Difficult operation – Windows should open and close effortlessly. If you find yourself struggling with this basic function, it might be time for an upgrade. New windows improve functionality and enhance security. 
  • Noise infiltration – If external noises easily penetrate your current windows, it might be worth considering soundproofing features in new windows. Enjoy a quieter and more peaceful living environment with updated window technology. 

Should I replace all my windows at once? 

While the upfront cost may seem significant, opting for a comprehensive window replacement offers several advantages. It ensures a cohesive and uniform appearance for your home, enhancing its overall look. Additionally, replacing all windows simultaneously can lead to improved energy efficiency, potentially reducing utility bills in the long run. This approach also allows for a more streamlined installation process, minimizing disruption to your daily life. If your primary reason for replacing a few windows at a time is the cost, we offer financing options. 

Do I need a professional to install my windows, or can I do it myself? 

It’s tempting to cut costs by going the DIY route with new windows. However, unless you have advanced skills in carpentry and a patient, dedicated team, we recommend you leave it to the experts. Professional expertise ensures precise measurements, proper sealing, and adherence to industry standards. It also guarantees the longevity and efficiency of your windows and alleviates potential challenges that may arise during the process. All States Home Improvement brings a wealth of experience in the home improvement industry, offering a worry-free experience and optimal results. 

How long do new windows last? 

Typically, new windows will last 50 or more years, given you purchase a reputable, high-quality brand like SoftLite and have them installed by a professional. 

What should I look for in new windows? How do I know I’m getting a quality window? 

When searching for new windows, it’s crucial to focus on specific factors like: 

  • Material – Consider durable options like vinyl, fiberglass, or wood that are known for their longevity and energy efficiency. 
  • Energy efficiency – Assess the window’s energy performance ratings, emphasizing features like Low-E glass and multiple panes to enhance insulation. 
  • Manufacturing – Look for reputable manufacturers with a track record of producing high-quality windows. 
  • Customer satisfaction – Checking customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the overall satisfaction of previous buyers. 
  • Warranties – Explore warranty options to secure your investment against unforeseen issues. 

How do I know if windows are energy efficient? 

To determine the energy efficiency of windows, it’s essential to consider several key factors. Start by examining the window’s certifications, which should include: 

  • ENERGY STAR – This is the first certification you should look for, as it ensures that your windows have passed strict guidelines set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy. 
  • AAMA Gold Label – Windows with this certification have met stringent standards for air leakage, water penetration, wind and forced entry resistance, durability, and thermal window performance. 
  • NFRC Label – This helps consumers compare energy-efficient products by providing a breakdown of key performance features, such as U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visible Transmittance, and Air Leakage. 

Additionally, look for windows with multiple panes of glass, as they provide enhanced insulation compared to single-pane windows. Low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings on glass can further improve energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer. Also consider the window frame material, as different materials have varying insulation properties. Lastly, check for any additional features, such as weatherstripping and double glazing, which contribute to overall energy performance. 

When is the best time of year to replace my windows? 

Windows can be replaced any season. All States Home Improvement plans year-round window installations with as little disruption to your home life as possible. 

How much will new windows cost? 

The price of your windows project will vary greatly depending on what your needs are for your home. Structural issues, number of windows, and window type will change the project’s scope and budget. The best way to answer this question is to contact us for a consultation. Our team will inspect your home, go over your needs, and find solutions to fit your budget. We also offer financing options. 

Are new windows a good investment? 

New windows have a great return when selling your home, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and can potentially lower your monthly energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 30% of your home’s heating and cooling is lost through your windows. Therefore, new windows are one of the best home improvement projects with a high return on investment. 

What should I do to prepare for window installation? 

In addition to removing items surrounding your windows on the interior and exterior of your home, preparing yourself and your loved ones for a bit of noise and mess will improve your new window installation experience. Find a place for your pets and children, and if you work from home, plan to find an alternate office space for a few days. 

How long will window installation take? 

As with the cost of new windows, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. In most cases, our installers can complete a replacement window installation of ten windows in one to two days. 

Why should I choose All States Home Improvement for window installations? 

We use top brands, including SoftLite windows, which are backed by manufacturer warranties to protect your home from any unexpected defects or problems. Also, our factory-certified installation teams have undergone extensive training, so you can trust that you are partnering with experts who are committed to delivering reliable windows you’ll never have to worry about.  

Contact All States Home Improvement today to schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn about our window products and services to make your Kansas home more comfortable and energy-efficient.