Siding Installation Done Right: A Guide for Every Homeowner – Part III: More Siding Tips & Recommendations

As your contractor will be handling your siding project, who you choose will ultimately determine how it turns out. This is why it’s important to entrust the project only to a reputable contractor. As with anything in your home, your siding has a role to play and working with a trusted contractor will ensure that it performs as intended. Aside from choosing the right contractor, however, there are also other things you can do to help guarantee a satisfying siding job, like:

Doing Your Research

Understanding what a certain type of siding will require after installation will give you an idea as to how choosing it will impact your life. Most siding options are easy to maintain but there are certain care tips you have to take note of, like pressure washing is not recommended for vinyl siding because pressure can drive water between the panels and be a possible precursor to moisture damage in the home. You can always have a professional take care of maintaining your siding but doing your research will let you know if they are doing a proper job.

Scheduling a Regular Inspection

On top of routine cleaning, a regular inspection will benefit your home’s siding as it can not only catch problems before they worsen but prevent them from forming in the first place. Properly installed siding shouldn’t show problems for years but that doesn’t mean that you can do away with regular inspections. For the most part anyway, an annual check will suffice. The only other time you should be prompted to do an inspection more than once in a year is when severe weather hits your home.

Installing siding can be a significant investment but it also brings significant rewards when done right. Hopefully this guide has provided you a good grasp of the basics to help you ensure the success of your own siding installation.